Japonista’s First Day @ Design Festa Vol. 35 + Fluffy Lemon Yellow Thing!

After MONTHS of preparation and contacting people… Japonista Sole has made it in DESIGN FESTA! YATTTTTTAAAAAA! It was so much fun and overwhelming at the same time I cannot even fully express it… ;____;

Someday, my OWN booth right there! Have to save up lots of money first!  :yay: 頑張ります!

How we showcased our items + our own image of Japan..

Brought my workplace with me.. : ))


Passerby looking at my design ;___; Thank you for appreciating!

Booth spontaneously designed by all of us- Ate Claire, Danny, and Kuya Eric.

Various photoshoot collaborations with models, fashionable people and ninjas.

Devil Afro Samurai, Lolita Geisha.. and Hiphop Ninja!

Free postcards. Artwork by the little miss paintbrush!


Hokkaido Jika Tabi!

Our sexy wa loli..

We brought our bonsai with us + ramen snack.. haha!


Quite crazy

Artwork by Anime Artist Kenta-san



My sexy bows : )))


I went around to take a rest and saw hairless chickens! : )))


Brought my rainbow pillow with me : ))


Casual look~!


Spot the samurai who looks like he came out from a real Japanese film… : )))



So happy to see the pink fairy!


After millions of photos with astroboy, umaibo.. and Kaila’s Jika tabi… : ))


Got to chat with Japanese photographer, RAY OCHIAI!

I was blabbering in Japanese and he was so niceeee = )) Somebody understands my broken Japanese! : )))


My handmade recycled costume!  :heart:

Fresh from Okayama, new La Feet shoes had arrived!

My bow pillow! : ))


My brother looks handsome with the mask on .. hehehehehe  😎


Party Baby Booth + More Awesomeness~

Visited Miki-chan’s booth after getting lost (what’s new) for two times! : ))



Artworks by her friends 🙂


And I wandered around…

I have been to two Design Festa events before and this booth is always an eye-catcher!



Haha~ so cute and CRAZYYY

SOOO CUTEEEEE ;__; I want those gingerbread biscuits and candies in my room ;__;


The second (last) day of our booth was much crazier! I was so happy that the press/media went looking for us! @___@ And we received a lot of positive feedback regarding our booth + Ninja / split-toe shoes~! I think I ran out of saliva that day :-)) And major nosebleed in Nihongo!! Hahaha~


Package from Ate Tracy~

This day has been too good to me! I received a very important phone call + a package from Ate Tracy courtesy of her boyfriend, Taka~!

And a few days ago.. I also received a wonderful package ;___; Thank you guys for being so thoughtful!


I love Ate Tracy’s handwriting… @_@ (the little things that I notice, haha!)

I feel so special to receive this lemon yellow bow from Tiara by Tracy Dizon!

Can’t wait to wear it for a fashion coordinate 😉

Our silly purikuras before…

<3 <3 <3 Someday, we’ll abuse the purikura machinese again together!

Fluffy fluffy thing~  :heart:


So happy to receive immense amount of blessings lately… ;___; Thank You!


One thought on “Japonista’s First Day @ Design Festa Vol. 35 + Fluffy Lemon Yellow Thing!

  1. I DIED with the pictures! Perfect booth, costumes, event! *O* I feel so happy for you! :pink:
    OMG I wish i could go to Design Festa next year, wonder if ill be there already :yay:
    I’m so happy and excited for you I dont even know what to say here. Okay, think I’m just gonna leave quiet and see all the photospam again LOLOLOLOLOL


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