Kawaii Leaders Day 3: Free Day with Mio in Koenji + HARAJUKU KAWAii!! TV

And my Kawaii Leaders special series continues~ *tears of joy* :)))


Here are some sneak peek photos of what happened during this day!  :yay:

I’ll just insert some photo captions because I’ve got to run for a meeting later and I need to code a magic website again *_*



Wore a batman-inspired outfit. Hoodie sponsored by Urban Species!

Ate icecream with Mio despite having throat sickness *_* Bad Kaila haha

Hello Kitty noms from Mister Donut!

Chocomoo’s booth at Kawaii Matsuri~

More cheki cheki cheki love at the booth itself ^^


(I’ll do my best to recollect the events~ yikes!)


Busy Busy Kawaii Day!


Breakfast in our hotel~ I’d always pick the Japanese style!

Yum yum yum! Super healthy too~  :star:


Batman socks with my Tokyo Bopper <3

Spotted some cute buses while on our way to the Shibuya Station

You know you’re in Shibuya when you spot a Domo-kun bus! :))

Creative camera / gadget store ad placement :))


Forever posing with Hachiko ~ So happy I got to tour Mio a bit around the iconic places in Shibuya!


When we arrived at Koenji, we immediately took purikura!



The goal for our free day was to visit the SPANK! store.. and this message welcomed us *_*

My kanji-reading skills dropped to kodomo (child) level that I couldn’t understand the note so I took a photo of it and had it translated by my brother… :))

We decided to just chill and eat somewhere else first and try our luck at 1:00 PM!


UFO Catchers~ I don’t know if anyone would want to catch a fish.. :))


Super cute kid playing Taiko and Mio being so engrossed.. :))



Lucky day! I didn’t know that the mister donut x hello kitty campaign was still ongoing! Perfect for the “kawaii leaders” :))))



Got so lucky because the store was really open for customers that day!! ;_; Mio was so happy!


Super glad that they also allowed us to take photos inside the store~



Spank! Spank!


Because the pastel love wasn’t enough, we went to Baskin Robbins for a dessert (again)! :))

My voice was so bad! It sounded like a boy in his adolescence :)))) But I can’t reject cute icecreams with a cute date like Mio! (hihihi  ~ )

Party party~!



Panda-shaped green tea icecream!!

Polaroids, pastel, kawaii friendship bonding… perfect day! 🙂


Since we only had the morning for us, we went back to the hotel after our quick Koenji trip!


Bought this burger dress from Spank! Super fave!


More camwhoring :)))

Polaroid time with the fellow leaders~

It was super cold that day by the way. ;_; And it RAIINNNEEEEEDDDD!



Backstage for the quick Harajuku Kawaii TV stint!


Want this art on my wall!



Awkward time for Kaila :)))



Docomo’s booth showcasing Chocomoo’s art!


Mameshiba Pamyu Pamyu corner!!!

Her art makes me want to bring out my crayons :))  :star:

What welcomed me back in my home. Super crazy room! :)) I actually fixed this for a bit :))

Received delicious omiyage from Stella and Chinese medicine for sore throat! Thank you dear ~ ^^ :yay:


www.facebook.com/KawaiiiOfficial  :heart:


More updates later~! Gotta run :O


9 thoughts on “Kawaii Leaders Day 3: Free Day with Mio in Koenji + HARAJUKU KAWAii!! TV

  1. Loving how innovative the ice-cream designs are! If we only we get such creativity here T.T Somehow, when I’m sick I crave for ice-cream and chips too lololol

    INDOMEE is awesome. :DDD

    With love,

  2. :yay: You’re so cute! It makes me happy to see the Kawaii Leaders posts :cute:

    I’ll work hard to become a Kawaii Leader someday, too! 😥 yoshi! :hug:

  3. This is sooo KAWAII!! I will definitely go to Japan one day and I am looking forward to it! :)) wow.. even the busses are too cute!! Loving the blog!!

  4. Kawaiii… at last post that are indonesian food, so many people eat that hahaha :p


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