Last Days in Netherlands + My First Canal Ride!

こんにちは皆ちゃーん!  :heart:

I just got out of the hospital yesterday night and I’m super genki now! Don’t worry, I didn’t get sick because of my Amsterdam trip.. I guess it was because September was my busiest month so far @_@ But I’m not regretting anything that happened. I learned quite a lot from every experience. ^^


This was what I wore for our boat cruise~  :heart:

Thrifted bonnet from a store in Amsterdam, Cou Cou dress from Hongkong, Forever21 lace tights~


Hop, hop!

Super lovely ;_;

Red wine and cheese!



With my Amsterdam buddy, Caro~  :heart:

So pretty @_@

And after that ride, we all rested for tomorrow’s departure..  :cutee:


Goodbye ホランダ!

Couldn’t believe that after 4 days, I was going to fly back to Tokyo again! :”(

Thank you so much Hasbro and Hanazuki for my unforgettable experience / first-time trip in Europe!!


Skirt and poncho from Shimamura, SPINNS tights and platform shoes~

My last morning with biscuits and coffee~ yum!

With Hanneke-san, the half of Hanazuki!

Before everyone went back, I gave them some weird Kitkats hahaha. Red bean + wasabi Kitkat, anyone??

 Flying with KLM!

Indeed it was heavenly!

Goodbye~ ;_;

Hello Tokyo!



6 thoughts on “Last Days in Netherlands + My First Canal Ride!

  1. you’re finally in tokyo 😀
    my package already arrived :yay:
    gonna upload some photos later.
    I really wanna ride those boats and go to the beautiful canals.
    you make me fell inlove with Amsterdam :yay:
    I want your lace tights :love:
    and I wanna try those kitkat flavors :love:

  2. Amsterdam is so pretty! The canal is just gorgeous. I hope I can visit someday and thanks for sharing your photos with us 🙂

    Love your tights, so cute!

    And I’m recently dying for a Milk handbag so I might have to see about using your shopping service. 😉


  3. Amsterdam looks really nice!
    I was never there, but my home country (Germany) is next to netherlands….so why I was never there? :x:
    I’ll go there someday!

    Your outfits are so cute :love: especially the one with the poncho! And the tights! A dream! When I’m in Tokyo next year, I’ll buy many of these tattoo tights! :yehey:
    The KitKats are really weird…wasabi? Really? 😀 I have to say, I don’t like wasabi…I would try but I’m sure I wouldn’t like it xD Do you like this kind of KitKat? :x:

    Kaira is back in Tokyo!
    Nice that you liked your first trip in Europe! As European I’m prod of it :nod:

    At the next time! :kiss:
    (It’s the first time I’m leaving a comment and I have to say…I totally love these smileys :ohnoes: !!!) xD


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