Lazy Day + 100 Yen Shop Visit + Popteen April 2012 Favorites + Angry Eyeballs!

Never thought that today would be so eventful! It all started with a lazy outfit for a quick Seria (100 yen shop) visit.. turned into a simple gyaru make-up session.. and more!  :woww:


Yesterday was so awful! It was Japan’s “Haru no Arashi”! It’s the official drastic period that marks the end of winter and the start of Spring!

There was a windstorm-like weather yesterday afternoon. Crazy experience but I was really glad to see that today was entirely different from yesterday.

Hello sun and blooming flowers~!

(just realized the caption had no connection with the two photos above, hahaha)

During my lazy days, I just wear my favorite acid wash Uniqlo “jeggings” (has abused this for so many times). I know many don’t appreciate jeggings but I think this is the only one that’s rockable : ))

Wore my brother’s turquoise wagara jacket with koi & sakura accents! Even during lazy moments, dressing up a bit would make your mood better.  :heart:

While on my way to Seria (just a 10-minute walk from our apartment), grabbed a snack from 7-eleven! Sebuin Ereben! : ))

Nikuman / siopao is my ultimate favorite snack! It’s hot and cheaaaap!

Just  a random photo of an interesting vending machine I saw while strolling around. Mystery drink, anyone?

何が出るかは? What will come out?

100 yen falsies aren’t bad. I bought the natural-looking sets before and they’re mighty fine!

So cute, don’t know why I snapped this photo. Hahaha.

If you want to buy cheap DIY stuff, 100 yen shop is the best place to go!

Contemplating if I needed a long boots keeper for some of my boots.. didn’t buy though. Haha

Hello Kitty corner!

After that, I went to Maruetsu (a grocery store) just right beside Seria to grab some sweets. So proud of myself to go out without any!! YAAAAY!


As I was walking home, I saw this treeee! Don’t know what it was though.

So beaaaaautiful! Can’t wait for Sakura to cover all over Japan!

Rainbowholic Picks from POPTEEN April 2012!

I just thought that I should share some Popteen pages to Rainbowholic readers! Maybe someday I’ll give away some of my magazines from my mini collection as well..? Will think about it ^^v

I am digging over-alls so much.

So cute! Usamimi hairband!

One-piece!! So casual and chic!

I NEED THAT JUMPER. Emphasis on “need”!!

The baaaaaag : O かばんが大好きー!


Platforms that have become a trend outside Japan as well.. surprised to see European lookbookers wearing platforms! I read an article that even designers are applying platform-style shoes to their collections.. : O

Bone tights I’ve seen every Harajuku wore .. + HEART SKIRT OMG

Drastic transformations!

KPOP is really taking over Japan! Was surprised to see Kara promoting Palty!


Simple Gyaru メーク!

After I got home, I watched a movie and stopped halfway (The Princess and The Frog! haha such a kid).. thought I should practice my make-up “skills”! For 2012, besides exercising and cooking.. putting on make-up is something I want to be better at~! Haha so many things to improve on…  🙂



After! With good lighting and my best angles, haha! <3

Angry Eyeballs and Electric Blue Stars

This afternoon, I accompanied my brother for one of his guesting (together with 20+ gaijins / foreigners in Japan) in a TBS program. It was so weird because we could not believe that he was really invited by the program coordinators to participate! We used to joke around about wanting to guest in a funny Japanese show and the next thing we knew, he was really there and having a conversation with the foreigners and two of Japan’s favorite comedians, Matsuko and Arita!

Feeling extra electric so I felt it was the right time to wear my angry eyeball oversized shirt!

Electric blue stars <3

After waiting for 2-3 hours, the show was over! Here’s just a quick snap after the program. Lol where is my brother?? : ))

It’s easter season already hence the Mickey eggs around…

Not so conspicuous me..

After that, we were really hungry so we ate in an Italian restaurant (forgot the name TT_TT)..


YUMMMMMMMM food at the left. I’m a fan of salads!!

My 400 yen Jasmine tea. OMG WHY WERE YOU 400 yen again?! Huhu I thought it was a tea pot that they would serve but… TT_TT

Yummy mushroom salad with garlic chips omgggg *salivating right now*


After that, we headed home and took the cold subway.

trolled haha


A good spot for a quick photo session! Thank you Kuya for my photos ^^v



Why I love my new camera. Works brilliantly even during night time!



After that, I went to a Purikura station while on our way home. If you guys are wondering how it looks inside, here are the gorgeous lights!

There’s even a place where you can put your bags (where I am stepping on in the photo, oops haha)

Will edit this entry once I receive my digital purikura files! ^^v



Hope that was an awesome read! Too many unrelated happenings today!  :heart:


11 thoughts on “Lazy Day + 100 Yen Shop Visit + Popteen April 2012 Favorites + Angry Eyeballs!


    omg Pocky + other snacks overload :(( I bet my week’s allowance would only be used for one meal palang there in Japan #sadtruth

    Your camera’s so pretty ;u; :heart: And omg popteen!! Wearing those in the Philippines would make people judge you but hey I’ll try to wear stuff like that (or whatever suits me) soon!! 8DD

    Purikura……… ;_____; (SOMEDAY!! Don’t go purikura-ing with my sister when you meet this April!! I’ll be jelly TT___TT)

  2. Resisting snacks has got to be one of the toughest things to do!
    SO hungry and I’m looking at your food from the Italian place!
    I love your electric blue eyeball outfit! It’s super cute~

  3. I absolutely love you eyeballs dress! So cute and fun! Popteen is one of my fave j magazines!! It’s been a long time I dont visit your blog and it’s changed a lot! For better, of course ;D Keep up with your great work =*

  4. Defenitely magnolia trees (I love the pink ones – there’s a lot of them near the place I live :blush3:)
    anyway, now I feel like shopping (though I’m totally broke :ohnoes:)

  5. @Celinie: aww don’t be Jelly! mas marami pa tayong gagawin pag punta mo dito, haha! ^^v thank you for your funny comments, as always! : ))

    @Laura-bee: Yes, resisting snack is just the toughest thing to do TT_TT especially to a forever sweet lover like me huhuhuhu

    @Little Raven: thank you for your info! appreciate it a lot : ) Magnolia it is ;-D

    @caffe: wow there are pink ones??? must be as pretty as sakura! :heart:


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