Happy Girl Shouro

I spent the whole sunday afternoon in a park somewhere in Shinjuku with Shouro, a Chinese friend / classmate in Bunka. I’ve always admired her fashion style and her simplicity (less is more, as they say). And of course, she’s a natural beauty. Do I make you blush now, Shouro? Hahaha.

I’ve been planning to have this shoot with her ever since but she went back to China during our short summer break. Also, I love being in company with this girl. Her positive aura is really CONTAGIOUS. I remembering I was having quite a sad day a week ago, and she just talked to me and smiled like a happy kid (hey, this is a compliment).. I don’t know where her smiles are coming from, seriously. I think people should hang out with happy people like her.

Enjoy the Shouro photospam! She’s 23 years old and she does not look a bit like it. I really enjoyed doing this shoot with her! I think I’ll do more of this with my friends here. I need a creative outlet every now and then.


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