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My Oedo Onsen Monogatari Experience + Things To Do in Odaiba! ♨️

Hello everyone!

For today’s blog post, I’m going to share something special!!

This blog entry is about my lovely experience at Oedo Onsen Monogatari. To those who don’t know what “onsen” is, it’s the term for hotspring in Japan. If you wanna try onsen for the first time in Tokyo, I suggest going to this place since it has many facilities you can enjoy besides the actual onsen itself! ^^

It’s so nice to take photos around the place so definitely fun for those who want to snap photos & pretend they’re back in Edo period in Japan, haha!

Walk around in your chosen comfortable yukata. You can also dine (sushi / ramen / Korean food?!), have a foot spa, enjoy the arcade, and so much more!

Read the entire post until the end to find out about my favorite things to do in Odaiba!

For the first number, of course, it’s Oedo Onsen haha!

(btw, this isn’t sponsored post haha)

They also have an onsen for dogs. This ain’t a joke omg lolol!

I did a triple take when I saw this hahaha

Since we wanted to save a little bit (and we arrived late haha), we availed the late night plan. Originally, the onsen pass is 2,936 JPY during the weekend but past 6PM is 2,396 JPY. We also downloaded the app for the discounts / deals!

Loving all the Japanese elements in this place

For more access guide & onsen details, visit their website.

I got a lymphatic massage here and it was so great!

After paying, we were asked to go to this counter to choose our yukata.

If you have tattoo, this onsen is really strict so you might have to choose another place to try onsen (sadly).

Here’s an alternative list to try instead for you if you have body art.

It is HUGE haha

fun games for adults & kids!

Foot spa area~

Awkward turtle pose

Killing my feet lol

They also have their own purikura their hahaha

Vending machine food in Japanese are amazing btw haha

Someday, we will stay here for a night! Haha!

You can purchase some vending machine food using your barcode!

Hydrating myself after the relaxing onsen! I chose to take a bath / have onsen first before getting a massage.

If you’re curious about the Japanese onsen manners, here’s an informative video.

And yes, you will get butt naked inside the onsen. I’ve been going to onsen for years and honestly, going made me more less conscious about my body since I see all kinds of beautiful shapes of women, hehe.

For the first-timers, when you enter the dressing room, you cannot take photos / selfies of course (I saw some foreign girls secretly taking photos of themselves in yukata and omg somebody was getting dressed at the back.. >_<). Don’t be that foreigner in Japan.

You have to wash up first in the shower area before dipping in. Avoid getting your hair in the actual pool / hotspring and always have it up. Just observe how the Japanese people do onsen and you’ll survive without breaking any rule, haha. Since this one is popular among tourists, you’re gonna take a bath with other nationalities who are as confused as you so don’t feel alone & just be observant how most people do this onsen like experts, haha!

They have an area just for massage chair / beds. I suggest that you also try their “trial plans” for first-timers. I think that I only paid 6,400 for my onsen and 40 min. lymphatic massage. Japanese service is out of this world so I definitely felt like I was a rich client during the massage.. omg haha

Super relaxing! Will go back definitely!

Please watch out for the vlog & journal with me video!

There are sooo many things to do in Odaiba, Tokyo! 🌈

Here are just a few of my favorite must-visit / must-try places in bullet form.

  1. As mentioned, you should try Oedo Onsen Monogatari.
  2. Visit Venus Fort for some indoor shopping / window-shopping. I love staying indoors in this summer heat, haha!
  3. Tokyo Diver City is just a walk away from Venus Fort. If you’re looking for the life-size unicorn Gundam & rainbow dream pocky, this place has it both!
  4. Tokyo Big Sight is a popular convention place. Make sure to check their website if there’s any convention that you’re interested to participate in!
  5. If you want to go around using a cute monorail, you have to take the Yurikamome line. The view is fantastic from the both ends of the monorail. I always love just looking at the sceneries and cityscape while riding this monorail.
  6. One of the most talked-about / popular instagrammable places in Odaiba is the teamLab planets TOKYO interactive exhibition. I haven’t tried it out yet but it looks fun!
  7. Odaiba has a Takoyaki Museum & Trick Art Museum. Here is an old blog post for more photos! These places are so fun to go with friends & family!
  8. If you stroll around the DECKS Tokyo area, you can actually walk along the shoreline!
  9. Confuse your loved ones by taking a photo at Tokyo’s version of Statue of Liberty. You can also view the rainbow bridge from this spot.
  10. Ride the famous daikanrasha / rainbow ferris wheel at Palette Town at night for the majestic city view.

Spotted a cute sanrio food truck selling kawaii crepes at Diver City!

Sanrio store in Diver City is also selling kawaii-themed food!

Never miss taking a photo here! It’s soo cool!

And that is all for Odaiba.

If you’ve tried some of these places before, what was your favorite? Do you also have a hotspring culture in your country like Japan? Do let me know in the comments section!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

With love, カイラ

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