Nagasaki Day 2: The Colorful Huis Ten Bosch in Sasebo 🌷

Hi everybody!

Here’s my blog entry about Huis Ten Bosch, a.k.a. Nagasaki’s own Disneyland!

It’s such a colorful place so imagine my overflowing excitement for this day! Utter happiness, 皆さん!Hahaha!

After spending the night at Nagasaki, we woke up early to visit the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.

I had many emotions after leaving the museum & exploring the Peace Park.

I felt sad upon learning and seeing the results of war / the terrifying aftermath of the atomic bomb. I felt relieved / happy (not sure if this is the correct adjective..) because it was so amazing how Japan had risen from such terrible incident. You would not even imagine that decades ago, Nagasaki was hell and not as colorful as these photos in this blog entry.

It was my first time to see such an old eki stampu! Maybe this was 10 years old? lol

Waiting for our train. We rode the Seaside Liner for more than an hour. It was a relaxing ride!

I stood up from my seat and just looked at the marvelous sight in front of us. Reminded me of my solo trip to Hokkaido before!

Huis Ten Bosch, I’ve been dreaming about you for YEARS!!

I almost cried happy tears when we went inside!


I love tulip fields and I super loved this mini Netherlands in Huis Ten Bosch!

If you love instagram, you will enjoy this place a LOT. Haha!

When in Sasebo, one must try the yummy SASEBO BURGER!!

Gudetama everywhere lol

We spent the entire day (until the evening) at Huis Ten Bosch. We paid 7,000 each for a whole day pass. For me, it was super worth it because they have SOOO many attractions and during that time (weekend still omg), it wasn’t Tokyo Disneyland-crowded!

This coming summer, they will have ajisai / hydrangeas as their main flower attractions (I believe).

My forever adventurous boyfriend wanted to try this zipline lol

I waited for an hour or so so I could take his video / photos lolol

He always takes flattering photos of me so no problem haha

I could spend 3 days straight here and just walk around, have coffee, enjoy the scenery, and journal haha

They have a special MIFFY shop too!

How I see myself 40 years from now lol

The illuminations at night were AMAZING. IT WAS CRAZY omg. Watch our vlog to see how spectacular it was!

Last photo with the tulips before we said sayonara for now!

VIDEO: Japan Travel Vlog 2: Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum + Huis Ten Bosch + Hobonichi With Me 🌈

Hope you guys enjoyed this (overdue) photospam!

I enjoyed writing this post while reminiscing fun memories~

Love, カイラ

One thought on “Nagasaki Day 2: The Colorful Huis Ten Bosch in Sasebo 🌷

  1. OMG This entry made me all happy inside (≧▽≦) I’ve never heard of Huis Ten Bosch so I’ll definitely be adding it to my Japan bucket list ♥
    I’ve been twice in Japan now but I’ve never been in Nagasaki yet!
    Thank you so much for showing us around ♡^_^


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