New Year’s Eve in Asakusa and Roppongi!

Here are some overdue photos from our spontaneous new year’s eve road trip with my family here in Nippon~

First stop was Tokyo’s own little Kyoto, Asakusa! More visuals, less words. Enjoy!

I was surprised to see vintage Japanese toys here : )

Soooo cute! I want Monchhichi!!



I was so amazed when my brother brought us here!



Doraemon Kasutera!


Hello balding trees in winter!  🙂

After eating our hearts out, we went to Roppongi for the countdown! Such an adventure I will never forget  :blush:

Tokyo Tower from the distance.

Went to Don Quijote to warm ourselves (it was so colddddd) and found this fake moustaches / beards = )))))

We walked and had our inexpensive coutdown in a fancy place (100 yen for a drink!) and ate our midnight dinner in a sushi-less sushi restaurant!

Everyone got tired so we slept in a Manga Cafe (computer cafe in Japan wherein drinks are bottomless / a place for homeless people =))) ) to take a rest.

Free drinks and finally, a portal for English magazines! Haha  :heart:

And off I slept~


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