Japan Backpacking Day 3: Okayama

The third day of our backpacking trip was purely for rest! The place my brother and I stayed was at Ate Maki’s house in Okayama. These little kids are her nieces. They’re so cute, spontaneous and candid!

I was so dead tired this day! The first two days in Tokushima were so busy and we almost didn’t make it to the last train going to Okayama. Actually, we were planning to go to Osaka first (for Universal Studios Japan) and my brother thought that it would be alright to take the train there. We realized that the only means to go to Osaka from Tokushima was through a bus instead. So there, we had a surprise visit in my brother’s ex’s family (who feels like our own family here in Japan) in the middle of the night.

Just literally rolled on the tatami mats / futon the following day with these kids.

This is Ayane. She speaks to me in Japanese and I just nod and tickle her.

The dog she’s holding is a robot. Whenever you’d clap, it would jump and make tricks. Japan and robot dogs..


I had this children’s photographer phase before.

I actually thought of setting up my own studio for child photography (photos of kids in eggs.. the popular photomanipulated ones)..

Someday, maybe?

This is Ayane’s little sister, Haruka. So cute, bubbly, and QUIET! You rarely see a kid who’s happy but silent at the same time.

She should be named “Shizuka” (which means quiet).

Haru in “Haruka” means spring. Such a lovely name!


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