Philippine-inspired Outfit + Rainbowholic Instagram + Postcard Swap Updates!

June 12, 2012

Happy Independence Day, Philippines! <3

Even though I am chasing my dreams here in Japan, I will never forget my roots. And if I were to be given a chance to live anyone I would like to be,

I’d still choose to be a Filipina (who will still be amazed by Japan, that’s for sure haha)~

I will make you proud as I make my name here ^^v :heart:


Note: I love the colors of my country’s flag! It’s really made for me, obviously! Haha~ just kidding  😀


(Resurrected) rainbowholic on Instagram!

If you happen to be one of my first readers when I got to Japan, you would remember my instagrammed entries! It was my first time to own an iPhone / smart phone so I was literally taking photos of everything here in Japan. My iPhone started to slow down + instagram leeches a lot of battery usage.. so I had to “quit” from my instagram addiction / snap-happy impulses.

Then one random day, I tried instagram again. And I couldn’t stop taking photos with this app again…

I’m in trouble @_@

Follow me on instagram (rainbowholic) if you want to see regular kawaii! Haha~




Got free food from Ate Claire (who cooks really well!) + free iced coffee from McDonald’s!




Postcard Swap with Rainbowholic!

To those who have emailed me as soon as I posted about it (yesterday), thank you so much! I was shocked 😥  to get so many postcard swap requests!! (I apologize if I had many typo errors or mistakes, it was around 1am in the morning when i was responding to each one of you)…

I truly enjoyed reading your emails! It made my daaaay + night!!  :happy: I will update you guys as soon as I prepare the postcards to be sent. I have chicken-scratch handwriting, btw.. Good luck! Haha~

My dream of traveling around the world is slowly coming true… ;___;

Thank you, all.  <3


List of Participating Rainbowholic Friends Around The World <3

(not in specific order)

  1. Marlene – Norway
  2. Alexandra – London, England
  3. Bani – Manila, Philippines
  4. Jenny – California, USA
  5. Hayley – Leicester, UK
  6. Lillian – Texas, USA
  7. Catherine – California, USA
  8. Darlene – Minnesota, USA
  9. Annie – California, USA
  10. Alondra – Texas, USA
  11. Christine – Texas, USA
  12. Annie – Arizona, USA
  13. Lindsey – Ireland
  14. Ashley – New Mexico, USA
  15. Katie – Oregon, USA
  16. Marta – Croatia
  17. Tenzin – Ontario, Canada
  18. Denise – Colorado, USA
  19. Marina – Pennsylvania,  USA
  20. Gillian, Gwyneth, Genevieve – Bulacan, Philippines
  21. Kaila – California, USA
  22. Nasreen – Sydney, Australia
  23. Elena – Auckland, New Zealand
  24. Patricia – Dresden, Germany
  25. Hoshiko – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  26. Grace – Penang, Malaysia
  27. Carmen – Spain
  28. Bianca – Brazil
  29. Sarah – Rotterdam
  30. Brittany – Ontario, Canda
  31. Yoyo – Lithuania
  32. Katarzyna – Poland
  33. David – Maryland, USA
  34. Diana – Manila, Philippines
  35. Sarah – France
  36. Pernille – Denmark
  37. Feli – Germany
  38. Federica – Switzerland
  39. Laura – New South Wales, Australia
  40. Szymon – Poland

Also… I received a super cool mario girl kaila-inspired artwork from a reader, Bani!! Thank youuuuuuu!  :heart:

SO CUTEEEE and your talent is :what:

To Lain, Alonzo and Mia.. kindly email me if you still guys want to exchange postcards ^^v

To everyone who would still like to participate with exchanging postcards with me.. please wait for my next blog announcement.  :star:

Thank you for the overwhelming support and love from the other side of the world,



4 thoughts on “Philippine-inspired Outfit + Rainbowholic Instagram + Postcard Swap Updates!

  1. im so happy that you are happy! haha! :happy: :happy: :happy:
    and yes! i’m on the list! david – maryland, usa 😆 :hug:

  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m one of the participants :3
    gonna send it to you as fast as I can 🙂
    you’re outfit looks great :))


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