Rainbowholic’s First Hanami in Shinjuku Gyoen + Harajuku Kids!

Finally, Sakura at its best!

Shinjuku Gyoen’s entrance was so packkkkked! Can’t imagine this place for tomorrow!

A warm welcome by this lovely tree.

My cherry blossom dream is finally fulfilled! I was so HAPPPPY-jumpy (repeat 10 times) when I got inside the park!


I even wore a matching sakura x koi wagara!

Japanese women in kimono + Sakura =  :heart:






and then…

Too many happenings in this photo.

Only in Japan! Haha  :3:


I have waited for so long to experience this

(base time period: peak of Cardcaptor Sakura!)

repetitive photos of Sakura are valid

and here we were!

From Kira-san!!  :hihi:

I brought Doraemon with me. Hahahaha

More food

Yummy pineapple tart from Taiwan <3

Cute sandwich rolls!

:heart:  :heart:  :heart:

Harajuku in Shinjuku!

Too much awesomeness


Ichigo girl! <3


Kuma Miki in her Pony crown


Adorable Japanese kid  :heart:

Guess who was fashionably late?! Maro from BrokenDoll!

Neon rainbow girl!


She was so niceeee! And her hair is absolutely LOVE


My grassy feet

Going for another round of hanami tomorrow! Can’t wait!!!


8 thoughts on “Rainbowholic’s First Hanami in Shinjuku Gyoen + Harajuku Kids!

  1. OMG SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY SAKURAS!!!!!!! and the pink-starred-guy lol 🙂 :lulz: :loveheart: :cute2:

  2. Uwaaaa utsukushii!! :heart:

    I love Kuma Miki-san’s outfit~ :kawaii:

    Omg the sakura’s look so beautiful ;_______________; Definitely reminds me of the opening of CCS~ and I love the jacket you wore!! ‘Di siya bagay sakin pero it’s so awesome~ OuO

  3. I’m totally dying of jealousy~ :cute2:
    you lucky girl. I feel teary-eyed now…. at my place is cold and rainy and there’s no sakura!!!! 😥


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