Rainbowholic’s Shoe Collection

I don’t know if you guys noticed this, but I’m a bit imeldific.

“Good shoes will take you to good places.”

I started collecting shoes (without noticing my collection was growing) when I was around 12 or 13. During that time, flats were the in thing and so I basically pleaded to my mom to buy me pairs of pretty flats in SM Department Store. Of course, those pairs didn’t fit me anymore and those were so pre-teen = )) Butterflies and all those.. girly designs. @_@

Enough of this intro phase, I’m running out of words already = ))

And here I present to you, my current collection here in Japan. I left some collection-worthy shoes back at home (but those aren’t a lot).

Each of this shoe pair has a story of its own. Where I bought it, how it landed on my hands, who gave it to me, where I used it..

There’s something about wearing nice shoes that makes you feel more confident. : )

The most treasured in this collection is my favorite Jeremy Scott winged rainbow sneaks. It’s just barfing rainbows! Next is my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa from an online auction!

Shall I start sharing some stories now?

I bought this from a store in Shibuya. I know this pair looks uncomfortable to wear (proven and tested, but bandaids are forever saviors) but I like its caramel hue!

Another Jeremy Scott! Though this pair is 1 size bigger.. I don’t regret impulsively buying it : )

The wings are too pretty. I feel like Sakura : )))

I bought this for only 1000 yen (500 pesos) in a shop in Omiya. Very pretty! And so caramel-y~

Though it’s cheap, it’s very sturdy and comfortable (just wear pretty and lacy socks). I wore this when I went back to the Philippines and met my family in the airport.

Wearing this makes me feel like a “woman”.

This is a great steal from H&M’s sale (as quoted from Anj). Only 700 yen, and it’s H&M.

Bought this pair of mori-girl inspired flats in that Omiya shop again. Makes me feel like a little girl getting lost in her own forest.

This pair of crocs is very special to me because my boyfriend’s mom gave it to me.

She loves hello kitty too <3

I got this strawberry mix of Vans from another shop in Omiya. I LOVE SALESSS!

I think the offer was 3000 yen for 2 pairs. Another steal!

This screaming yellow Onitsuka Tiger is my most favorite of all (under the comfy shoes category).

I feel like a ninja wearing this. I’d wear this when I’d commute to school.. and I’ve had a lot of misadventures with this pair.

My first lolita shoes from Bodyline! Wore this for the first time when my classmates and I went to Tokyo Disneyland.


Cute pair of wedges from Omiya (again). Rosy pink is just a lovely color.

When I took an events management class back in my advertising student days, we had to go to each other’s organized events/college parties.

So many  (wild and) memorable nights with this pair! The heels aren’t that high so you can walk a lot without getting blisters or foot injuries.

Bought this from Bayo, because I need more flat and comfortable shoes to wear here. I commute and walk a lot to my language school so I really needed this.

And besides, my boyfriend chose this for me : )) Was having a trouble in deciding whether to buy the mustard version or this black..

As you can see, it’s been raped and overused. This is another cheap steal.. but it’s from Singapore (Bugis!). Around 650 pesos only, I think.

Last year, my friends and I traveled to SG for our semestral break (good times with Gracie, Pat, Charie and JL). I told them I wasn’t going to shop a lot..

But who went home with the most shopping bags?

Yours truly.

I hope I can travel with them again : ) Such good memories with good friends <3


This pair of winged flatforms is from Vivienne Westwood x Mellisa’s collection. I had a blog entry about this on how this pair landed on my hands..

but I’m too lazy to backtrack and link the entry : ))

Wore this on Design Festa in Odaiba. I remember tripping a lot of times.. = ))

This should be named “THE RAINBOWHOLIC SHOES”


Was getting lost in Omiya for the first time.. and I accidentally found this shop selling super cute random stuff.

The lord of wings and rainbows, JEREMY = ))

Do not judge my humor


Sometimes I just stare at this pair and sigh.. = ))) I am one happy owner~!

I remember emailing my brother (when I was still in the Philippines) to buy me this pair of rare Jeremy Scott…

He contacted several Adidas outlets (I think) because my size wasn’t available…

but if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. <3

SO PRETTY and HELLO KITTY and POLKA DOTTY shoes from Macau!

Was strolling around with my mommy (miss you mami) .. then I saw this. My eyes literally went @_@

This is a special pair because I first wore this to SUJU’s first concert here in the Philippines (I went by myself.. but I had friends there <3 FANS YAY)

Donghae cried in front of me while I was wearing this pair. Very historic!

This is the fiercest pair of wedges. Another from Melissa. I love electric blue because it’s so nautical <3

And Melissa shoes always smell nice!

Sometimes I smell this pair out of boredom. I am joking, ok

SO PRETTY. I hate how I cannot strut around wearing this pair…

Language scool, why do you have to be in Shinjuku? Why make me ride 3 trains everyday? Why aren’t you allowing me to wear this pair comfortably?


But I’ve worn this already, during my graduation <3


There was a doc martens sale when I first went to Ueno.

Basically.. the sale items were priced:

Price of 3 pairs = Price of 1 pair

Was about to buy the pink flashy docs, but my brother insisted that the golden one was better. And I agreed.

Electric blue stars which kind of remind me of Katy Perry

Wore this when I went to Akihabara with my brother <3

And my feet hurt. /socks fail

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * *

*confetti* *confetti* *confetti*

-end of shoe collection-

If you like the shoes, go buy the pair. If you know that it would take you to places (which also means, sturdy), go ahead~


It was my first time to buy books from amazon. To my surprise, the books arrived 2 days later!


Such an eye-candy book!

Can’t wait to make my own stuff : ) Nihongo, give me more time..

Just posting a random photo of an apple juice box : ))

I drink directly from this and I don’t mind the judging stares of people, haha.

And this has been a lovely afternoon : )

Hope you enjoyed my photospam!



7 thoughts on “Rainbowholic’s Shoe Collection

  1. grabe!! the saying is very true… “We’re all a little imeldific.” Shoe collection ko naman mostly puro itim… at oxfords :bleh: :blush3:

  2. THE SHOES. :heart: And it’s amusing how most of the pretty ones are from a sale huhu I wanna go there and splurge on shoes. ;_______; The Rainbowholic shoes ohmygay. :heart:

    And the books look pretty~ I’d love to just stare at those pictures and all. *w*

  3. @ank8: yup! ALL GIRLS ARE IMELDIFICC! Haha ^^ I like oxfords, so comfy :nod:

    @celinie: yup, I buy shoes that are on sale so that there would be less regret afterwards, haha! ^^

  4. SO CUTE. I’ve been so obsessed with shoes during the past year–and never in my life did I think that I would be obsessed with shoes. Now, i’m trying to find a good “should i buy this pair that I absolutely love but I have too many shoes already” radar. I have to know whether a pair is worth it or not! :O

    I want oxfords and docs. and also, more and more shoes! :O

    My favorite from yours are the star docs and the white jeremy flats <3333

  5. Ohmygod! I’ve been searching for JSxAdidas White Winged Flats in the Philippines since like, forever! Do you mind if I ask where I could buy them? I literally cry over them sometimes haha! Thank you and I love all of your shoes 🙂

  6. I purchased a pair of yellow tigers identical to yours and searched the net trying to find info on them. Yours is the only match I could get. Do you know the year and value of these awesome sneakers. Thanks.


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