Sakura Time with Mich and Satchiko + Meeting Filipino Bloggers in Shimokitazawa !

The past week had been so eventful.. !  :what:

I think that my social life increased by 1000% in just a span of few days! :O

I got to meet these two lovely Filipina not-so-little “little sisters” who will be working with me to spread and introduce Japan’s kawaii culture to the Philippines and to the world!

Satchiko is a half-Filipina while Mich is a full Pinay from Cebu! <3

I’m sooooo ready for Kawaii.PH expansion!  :star:

Harajuku and Shibuya~

On my way to the train station~ Spring time!! <3


Even if I’ve been here for a couple times since I got back, I haven’t really strolled around and I missed it! TT_TT

Even after living for almost 2.5+ years here in Japan, I think seeing Harajuku styles such as these has become too normal for me! Woops!


Mcdonald’s Japan has a special Cherry Blossom / Sakura theme!


Super Kawaii girl from Cute Cube + Sakura Cherry McFloat from Mcdonald’s Japan!

My Cardcaptor + Bear look that day! Hehe <3


Yoyogi park’s cherry blossoms! I misplaced my SD card containing our photos so.. TT_TT

Kawaii pouch I wanted for myself~ Haha!

Cutest tights!

Purikura time!


Kawaii Philippines’ representatives, haha!

Extremely kawaii car spotted near Shibuya 109!


Went back to Fujiya Restaurant in Shibuya!

Had strawberry desserts~


Lol @ “the look” hahahaha


AHHHHH! Spotted this while going back~

Makes me want to go back to Akihabara again! I need my regular toy fix ;__;

Random Daily Life

Things that I find interesting~ Hahaha!

Takenoko maple flavor?! WOW!


AHHHHH Doraemonnn! <3

Kuma buns! :O

1000% Mickey Be@rbrick Love!

It was Anne‘s birthday yesterday so I made this for her~ <3 Thank you so much Anne for everything!


Shimokitazawa and Meeting Tricia Gosingtian! :O

Had lunch with Gervin, Kiko and Ashley here. They are Filipino fashion bloggers who are based in Japan! 🙂


It felt like my birthday, haha!



After we met up with everyone, we tried going to Cafe Hammock Tribe and Usagi / Bunny Cafe!

The first one was closed while the bunny cafe… too full! :”(

Next time! >_<

We walked around Shimokitazawa and had a purikura.. with 8 people in it. :)))))


We also met super pretty Japanese fashion bloggers! Mizuho and Junko!

Feeling like a “Cool JapanLover” in this outfit, haha!


Afterwards, we went to Harajuku~

… and had yummy burgers for dinner!


Thank you Josiah for introducing this place to us!

Finally, dinner!! *_*

My fashion blogger friends showing support for Kawaii.PH! Arigachu Gervin (JABIIN), Emika, and ASHLEEYY!

And thank you so much Tricia (and Kiko) for making Anne’s day with your greeting, haha!



Thank you so much Ashley for the freebies, I love these haha!  :star:



Still cannot believe this happened!

Tricia Gosingtian is super カワイイ + 親切 in person!! :3:


All of these wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Ashley, making the fashion world “smaller”! Haha! She introduced everyone together, and we had a GREAT time talking over random things (thanks Gervin for making us all laugh haha).



6 thoughts on “Sakura Time with Mich and Satchiko + Meeting Filipino Bloggers in Shimokitazawa !

  1. Everyone looks so cute! *__*

    Your efforts for Kawaii Philippines inspired me to do the same thing in Argentina! ;_; You are truly my kawaii ganbaru hito hero, Kaila! Hahaha. Oh, I feel so silly commenting this, but it’s the truth :x:

    Keep up your awesome work, as always!

  2. Purikura with 8 people!!! awesome :yay: :yay:

    It’s so great to meet up with inspirational people ne? :cute:

    Yeah social life happens in huge waves~ Sometimes very 😥 but always filled with so much :heart: and :hug: :hug:

    With love,

  3. whaah ,this entry was so much fun to read! ^^ I am happy you found your harajuku inspiration again x3 hehe
    I have missed those kind of pictures and outfit posts from you! ^0^ Love the bear hat so much, I had to go to ebay to search around for one XD hehe

  4. *SPOTS CUTE JAPANESE BOY IN HARAJUKU STATION PICTURE* HEHE *gets kicked by you jk* ((pwede na ba ako magboys JOKE ULIT HEHE))

    Awwwwwwwwww someday someday we’ll have pictures together in Japan as well and Purikura!! ;n; (I know I’ve already said this a gazillion times but yep still dreaming :heart: )

    YOU MET TRICIA HUHUHUHUHU :heart: :heart: :heart: kulang na lang talaga si Ate Reese and wow the 3 people who inspire me the most wow :love: Super love your “Cool JapanLover” outfit, btw! :heart:

  5. Is eyelashes car is the ‘it’ kawaii thing in Japan? I think your car also got eyelashes, right? So cute! I want to put it to my Helena (my car’s name) as well. Surely I will start a new trend here in Malaysia..tehehehe (^-^)


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