Schoolgirls’ Purikura x Shibuya Night Trip x Harajuku Stroll x Kinyoubi!

Though my week was so crazy (both in positive and negative ways), I still love each day of this week! I love how each day started and ended so unplanned~ :yay:

BUTTT before going to that, I’m just going to share some posts by my lovely online friends who have recently received their Rainbowholic packages~!

twin, i’m so glad we’re friends. :) more than the commissions, more than the super cute gifts, i know that you’re a true-to-the bone friend. thanks for that! :* <3 kaila and chichi booyeah! :D

Photos from the AMAZING Illustration Artist + Twin, LittleMissPaintbrush! HUHUHU I’m so going to print this illustration of us! So cute, twin!!

I love this girl so much <333 No matter how famous she is on her tumblr (she draws for a local magazine!), she stays grounded! I’m a proud friend and fan! <3

I’ll be forever here cheering you on while you accomplish your illustrator dreams ~

NEXT! My good ol’ online friend Anne way back when I just started blogging also got her inception giveaway from my dream website contest~!

Hello Anne kate!

(these are teasers hihi) 8D

Random Purikura Date in Shibuya!

Ate Tracy and I have been planning this purikura date ever since! I never thought that this would push through because our schedules kept on clashing. Moreover, I found a 1000 yen in my wallet when I thought I didn’t bring enough! Been into different events so my money has been disappearing and transportation eats a lot of my savings.. but no regrets. I have fun so daijoubu~ daijoubu~


Oh before that, I might as well share some photos I have in my iPhone. Sorry for confusing you with my random blogging kaila style~

Sunflowers in autumn :yay:

I received a DM from Caro of Sweet Streets LA (if you’ve been following Tokyo Fashion recently, you’ve probably read about this)~!

Funny how we just met the night before and next thing I knew, we were hanging out in Womb, Shibuya. She has a DJ friend (Sumire) and her trip to Tokyo were for 3 days only so might as well hang out and have fun!

Had so much fun with our random topics! I love listening to new stuff so I really learned a lot from her. Conclusion: TOKYO NEEDS JCDC!


She bought the pair from eBay! When I get rich, I shall buy myself one as well : )

Cool viral video (that I haven’t seen ;___;) she shared with me~

LEGO as models! Amazing! I think I’m in love with this designer~

After hanging out in Womb, I joined her with her other friends (probably new people too) for dinner! I was so full so I just ordered this vegetable dumplings!

Guilt-free food <3 Thanks Caro-san!

And going back to the topic…

Straight from school, I went to Shibuya.

Met up with Ate Tracy in front of Hachiko Exit (haven’t seen the Hachiko monument still.. : | )

We got to wear these schoolgirl uniforms for free! Purikura spree~~

Break the rules :tongue:

Got the purikura in my mail after~

I know, my bangs need a makeover.


原宿 – Harajuku Stroll

I met a friend after school to pick up some items and it’s around Harajuku so… I strolled around.

Can I steal the milky shirts?

The forever famous Takeshita Dori!

And yes, AKB48 craze is quite serious here. Not even half joking!

Fuzzy foxy fur tails = trend

I want those cute earmuffs and nordic scarves~! The earmuffs remind me of Jeremy Scott’s panda / teddy bear shoes!

Speaking of Jeremy Scott…

I SUPER WANT the 2ne1 x winged Jeremy Scott sneaks!!

My rainbow pair needs a companion! :kiss:

Other interesting stuff..

It was really COLD two days ago @____@

Finally found 6% DOKI DOKI!


Amazing car, ok


Suica-chan for a FRIDAY (Kinyoubi)!

Decided to iron my hair for a change! Me and my adventurous hair, forever <3


Wore my watermelon / suika skirt! (sukato–)

Spot my nordic socks <3 I love!

Went around Omiya to unwind and relax!

Found this cute cafe~

Ordered a cake and a set of sandwich! <3

And that ended my Friday date with myself :heart:

Brought a book with me and read it for an hour… It was so relaxing! I want more candid coffee trips like this in the future :heart:

To the people who previously commented on my posts, thank you so much! I always look forward to reading comments from my readers ^^v

Whenever I’d get emails or comments from new / old readers about how much I have inspired / inspire them, I get butterflies in my head, stomach.. everywhere! :heart:


Actually, many have expressed how they are jealous / envious of me living my Japan dream here… but rather than being envied, I’d rather inspire :heart: ~

Envy and inspiration are two different things! Choose the positive one and make that your fuel / drive to become no longer dreamers, but workers of your own dreams. :blush:

Gambarimashou, mina!


4 thoughts on “Schoolgirls’ Purikura x Shibuya Night Trip x Harajuku Stroll x Kinyoubi!

  1. I loved this post! I can seriously sit and look at your photos forever :nod: The cute things in Japan are just too much to bare. I cannot wait to get things going in my life, so hopefully I can be living a more adventurous life in Nihon 😉

  2. OSHH hahah grabe lakas ng AKB48 :)) ano nasa loob nun? nakakacurious hahaha… bagay sayo straight hair 😉 huuu muka talagang masarap mag shopping jan, daming unique designs and stuff… pwede ka talaga mag set ng fashion trend.

    P.S. Paubos na ung mga pinadala mo :cute2:

  3. I am definitely putting Harajuku and Omiya in my to-go list~ XD OMG PURIKURA WITH FREE USE OF COSTUMES. *A* (lol ang haba anyways) And aww ate you look soooooo pretty with straight hair!! @w@ Oh and I see SEXY ZONE. (JE fannn~) =)))

    HARAJUKU HAS THE SHIRT I’VE ALWAYS WANTED FOR YEARSSSS ;________; Well I guess I have to wait for the time I get there and hope it’s still there asdkaskdjhakjahskd

  4. I lurk your blog more than I comment, but OMG THIS POST MAKES ME MISS HARAJUKU SO MUCH! I spent 2 days shopping there when I was in Japan huhuhu~~ Good to know my favorite shop Closet Child is still there :kawaii:
    Anyway, lovely pictures & blog as usual!


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