Shinjuku Rainy Photowalk With Lina ☂️

One rainy afternoon in Shimokitazawa and Shinjuku. 2 photography enthusiasts. Long conversations.

Brought Lina to my favorite cream puff shop in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.

Photos by the talented Lina while strolling around Shinjuku.

Sunflowers and rain

Piss Alley in Shinjuku


Visited Book and Bed Tokyo

Received a mini gift from Lina. Huhu, so sweet!

Took 1000 photos of our omoshiroi drink! Black iced cafe latte?!

Looking forward to sunnier photowalks in the future!

It was so fun. Maybe I should organize photowalk events in Saitama / Tokyo area in the future?

<3, カイラ

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