Singapore Kawaii Adventure Photo Dump + Last Travel Notes

I’m supposed to be doing some important work right now but I feel like I need to get this written / posted now. 😀


Just want to post all the remaining photographs I took during my solo vacation in Singapore last January! 🙂

I really wanted to go to Red Dot Design Museum ;_;

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.00.03 PM


I really really love places such as this.

Too bad they were having a corporate event when I arrived!

I only got to visit the store 🙁

Nevertheless, design appreciator me enjoyed looking around~

Strolling around and experiencing a “design journey”…~

Visited Singapore City Gallery!

I enjoyed learning history and culture here!

Impressed tourist.jpg

My late lunch~

Japan corner from a department store~

Yay NIPS haha~


Took the bus for the second time!

Hello, pandas!

Hello, be@rbricks!

Ahhhhh <3

Went back to Clarke Quay~

So many Japanese stores / shops / franchises!



Liang Court! First time to go to a “Japan Mall” overseas, hehe~

Matcha Almond something~

If you can’t go to Japan because of visa problems, go to Singapore / HK and experience Japan haha!


Opening the stuff I’ve bought~

Such a good read from kikki.K!

I recommend this to go-getters such as me, haha!

Cloud book! <3


Japanese magazines / E-Mooks!

Totoro corner..

Keshigomu corner~




Kawaii life pens!

Enjoying the stroll~

Last night.. 🙁

Thank you for the sponsored stay, 5FOOTWAY.INN!

At Changi Airport~

Wish Japan had more English book selections such as Relay SG / HK!



Last meal in the airport~


Wanderlust Notes

I remember smiling like an idiot while I was going back to my hostel in Chinatown. My feet were so dead tired from all the walking / detours I had to take because I got lost a lot of times (what’s new).. but the traveler in me just wanted to explore more so despite the soreness.. I pushed myself more, hence I got to visit many places in such a quick trip! 🙂

Going to Singapore at that time was definitely something that I needed most. It served as my birthday treat for myself + a huge breather from the projects I was working on.  I used to be  (a bit) shy in confronting strangers and asking for directions.. but after the trip, I became more “assertive” (don’t know if this is the correct term haha).. and I had this sense of fulfilment afterwards.

I got so inspired again. Since traveling costs a lot of money, I really treasure and feel every moment whenever I am given the opportunity to do so. This trip motivated me to work hard, so that in the future, I can afford more to get myself out there and enjoy my youth + this wonderful world we live in through traveling.

Singapore is a lovely place to visit. A country that is safe, rich in culture, has yummy food (addicted to kaya toast huhu)… and blessed with cool places to go.

When in Asia, go and visit Singapore. ^_^


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  1. It’s so great that you enjoyed yourself in Singapore :heart: :heart:

    I really like your view point when you travel :hug:

    頑張って with all your projects, and hopefully we’ll collaborate on *the project* :love:

    With love,


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