Singapore Kawaii Adventure: Arrival & The Colorful Chinatown

Hello, hello friends~!  :heart:

I just got back from a short family trip in Baguio this weekend. :yay:

Tomorrow, I will be moving out from my current place here in Manila.  😥 So many things to do… huhu. *breathes*

Energy, I neeeeed you so much right now .. TT_TT


I can’t type long captions for this photospam blog entry but I hope the photos below will do the explaining / narrating of my first hours in Singapura~


Morning flight means I neeeeed coffee 😀

Nice little book~

Here we go!

Chinatown, the perfect place for a Rainbowholic (and cheapaholic) like me!

The place was extra special because everyone’s preparing for CNY (Chinese New Year)!

Spotted my sponsored hostel after walking for 10-15 mins from the station.

I stayed at 5footway.inn Project Chinatown 2!

First impression: I loveeeee the interiors!

Had to leave my stuff first because the check-in time was 3PM.

Left all my luggage and just took the camera with me~

They have iMac stations! <3

Will do a hostel review for 5footway.inn, watch out for it! <3

First thing I ate: Singaporean-style icecream!! Wrapped in pastel rainbow-colored bread <3

What a lucky location for me! The Sri Mariamman Temple is just in front of my hostel!

Time to go kawaii hunting~

If you are planning to by souvenirs for family and friends, I’d recommend Chinatown~ I think in some places, the items are the same but a little bit overpriced.

My buddy, fisheye lens~

Reminds me of Hongkong~




I think photography enthusiasts would love Chinatown.

So many interesting subjects everywhere! 😀


And they have the cutest mobile phone cases! <3

I think you can get these cheaper here rather than buying online.

lol @ the sexy holographic cases, haha!

The TINTIN Shop! :O


I love the advocacy campaign in their MRT stations! Cuteness makes it more effective! 😀

On my way to another adventure~

Preparing my feet for a busy, busy day & night in Singapore!  :tongue:


More photospam entries coming! Get ready, haha!

<3, Kaila

2 thoughts on “Singapore Kawaii Adventure: Arrival & The Colorful Chinatown

  1. Wow, I really enjoyed looking at your pics!! :heart: :kawaii:
    One day I will visit Asia too, and start an own blog :pink:
    I found that “Durians forbidden” sign (before the last pic) very funny!! :cheer:


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