Snow Adventure in Nagano

Phew~~! :fly: This will be my last overdue post for my winter vacation! I’M SO HAPPY HUHUHU  😥 It’s crazy that I’d always feel I should blog ASAP about what has happened… probably because I fear for my own memory loss? = ))

A few days ago, I had another 3-day vacation (it was paid so I had to go.. and only for ichiman or so)… and it was for skiing! Another check on my bucket list!   :blush:

I went together with some of my classmates from school. It’s amazing how Bunka’s private rest house/hotel looks sooooooo different during winter and mid-summer! Here’s my entry from the past.


Photos from Yoko <3



Me and Leen wearing Panda hats from Yoko-chan ~

Asians combined! hehe

Late birthday present from my Leen! Such a sweet friend!


stop-overs are always fun  :peace:

Pocky is my bus buddy.. that was 4 long hours!

Interesting star-shaped omiyage I found in a place where we had our lunch :O

I will replace this handy digicam with a white Nikon 1 J1 or V1… before 2012 ends!

Pile of snow that was waiting for us…

Bunka’s backyard with kids playing.

First time to witness snow in its white fluffiness!!!  :yay:

And we are happy people to see snow!

Checking our shoe sizes for tomorrow’s ski!

We checked out the resort’s own hotspring! Bunka.. you already.


I don’t know what these are for and I am posting these

Behold my stuff


Watching Shin-chan and Doraemon <3

Our faces = )) That’s me laughing at Doraemon

Ohayou gozaimasu!

View from our window. And that was a green garden before @___@

Breakfast ala Japanese style!


Hello fluffy morning hair and what the hell is that hand gesture

Off we go to the ski resort!


We had a sensei teaching us the basics of skiing. I was so amazed at kids who can ski all the way from that hill!! @___@



Tanoshisou photos (pictures that look like we are having fun =))) )

It was fun but it was SCARY huhuhu that I became a snowball!

Filipino, Indonesian, and Thai! <3

Eating icecream after hotspring is …  :heart:

Diinnerrrrr huhu I can stay here forever


(is it so obvious that I love food? Haha!)


Snowman that my other bunka batchmates made. That’s my scarf!


Obligatory photo with your room number.

And Bunka has their own cable car thingy for those who want to ski and snowboard..

That was a lake before = ))

And I shall say goodbye to these tall trees..


Bye bye, I’ll miss you snow..  😥

Last heavy lunch for the trip!

And some omiyage for my brother and Ate Claire : )


I have to go back to cramming again.. huhuhu,


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