Fight for your dreams~!

Hellooo~! Because of the huge feedback we got from the Rainbowholic summer shoot, we conceptualized another idea for another photo session!

Please enjoy the colorful photos ~  :heart:

From Japan..

.. to the world.


Ate JL and Megumi.

Megumi is only 16 or 17 but I can predict that this half-Japanese / Filipina girl will definitely go a long way! She’s too pretty!!


That’s me as a Wonderman or Superwoman hehehe 😛



I’m wearing a bow byTracy Dizon.


While we were having a shoot, the pizza delivery man came! : ))

Lucky man. : )))

I think I’ll be the producer for this girl. Haha!

So much win in this photo, haha





If there’s something in life you have to fight for, it has to be your dreams.  😎


14 thoughts on “Fight for your dreams~!

  1. This looks like so much fun! I love that the pizza delivery man joined in haha. I am so jealous of your shoe collection, I wish my feet weren’t so big, I always fall in love with every pair that shows up on your blog! :sob:

  2. Megumi-chan doesn’t look Half-Filipino but omg she’s so pretty!! And she’s a year (or maybe the same year GASP??) older than me omg :((((

    Such a fun shoot!!! :heart:

    Ang funny ng pizza man :((( LUCKY DUDE HAHA =))))))

    Cannot wait for our shoot ~*someday~*~ ;____; :heart: :heart:

  3. This must have been totally fun! And way to make the most out of your gyaru costume!

    Can I just say–Megumi looks like she could be the next Becky! She looks like her slightly! You’re right, she is really pretty! Quickly! I’ll take care of her social media. : )))

  4. I was scrolling down watching the photos. saw those shoes and started squeaking (my stupid love for shoes lol 😆 )

    then scrolled down a little more and saw that pizza man. my face was like wtf?! :blank: :argh:

    😆 :cute2:


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