The Search for Sakura in Omiya + Meeting Kawagoe’s Friendliest Fox-like Dog, PRIYA!

Today, my brother told me it was my free day to go out (in case you don’t know, I help him with his work here)! I usually go out during weekends but according to the weather forecast, it will rain again  this coming Saturday! :what:  That would be my third rainy Saturday in a row so.. I grabbed today’s opportunity to go out and see the rest of Japan!  :yay:

My brother told me that Omiya Shrine and Park would be covered with beautiful Sakura… but when we went there, only Sakura trees but not the real pink Sakura yet! : )))

I just wore something simple. My inspiration for this outfit is a tree : ))))

Fail photo of my hot-air balloon earrings.

Vintage oversized buttons are just lovely, don’t you think?

Swimmer Sweet Deco Watch

Yup, bald sakura trees.. : ))

But can you imagine how beautiful this walkway would be once the Sakura blooms?

Testing my new Nikon 1 camera! I love it so much!

I am not a buddhist but I appreciate buddhism beliefs : )

1,000 paper cranes for one wish

At least, I found a tree! Not sure if this is a Sakura though. Probably a plum blossom? (not a flower expert, haha)

The Omiya Shrine is this BIGGGG!

Enjoyed my noon walking. Nothing feels more refreshing to walk in a beautiful place like this.

Sakura alert, sakura alert

Finally, I saw a pinker one! Like the falling sakura on my blog~ <3

I was so proud of myself  when I reached here! I thought I would get lost again :O

Omoshiroiiiiii (interesting) store!

“Little Edo” Kawagoe

Through Kawagoe Sen (line) and about four stops from Omiya station, I have arrived!

Oh Japan <3

I love this photo a lot. I was surprised that the train suddenly came into picture! Perfection  :heart:

Was planning to take purikura here but…

There were hordes of highschool girls! And wow, there’s a curling iron & straightener booth thereeee! Unbelievable.

Girls and their vanity. Haha


This street reminds me of Ameyokocho of Ueno.

With a touch of Kyoto!

Bought that scallop-shaped shorts for 980 yen only!

And let the photos do the narration…



Children’s offerings

Inside vintage toy shop..



Kawagoe’s プリア: The Friendliest Fox-like Dog!


One of my brother’s recommendations about Kawagoe is this place where PRIYA lives.

Priya is such a star.


(UPDATE: They have a fanpage of facebook. Click here!)

To get a free photo session with Priya, just order any food!

As soon as I entered the mini cafe, a friendly obaa-chan greeted me with a smile. Later on, I saw Priya coming out! SO HAPPY!

As always, I ordered a cake set! My tea was served in this beautiful teapot/tea cup ! I was ecstatic to see that there fruits along with my cheescake! So cuteeee!

Delicious, delicious meal.


Happy Kaila!!

I just wanna hug this dog forever >__<

Ojii-san told me that the dog was already 10 years old. And her name Priya came from “Indo” (India)! Priya means “Dear” in Indian.. if I am not wrong.

All smiles with Priya!

She doesn’t look happy with me though in this photo.. hahaha.

I actually have a “happier” and more cheerful photo with her. I was hugginggggg her (good omen, my brother told me!)!!! It was taken using the ojii-san’s camera, so lazy to take a photo of it haha..

See you soon, Priya-san!

I just saw a huge interesting poodle-like groomed dog!! I don’t speak dog language so I don’t have any idea what kind of breed this is..

I saw this little stationary store selling cute Japanese inflatable (?) toys…

I bought the globe ones for souvenir ^^v

Tako tako!

Origami paper!

Reaching the end of my Kawagoe journey..

And my camera has died on me. I went back right after this photo..   :cutee:

PURIKURA and My Disappearing Pistacchio Coat…


Purikura has become an obligation every time I go outside & play. Haha!


SO FUNNY : )) My pistacchio-colored coat disappeared because of the green-screen effect! : ))))))))




Hope that my little Kawagoe tour was fun for you!


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