Japan Backpacking Day 1: Tokushima

Last Friday, my brother and I started our much-awaited backpacking journey here in Japan. Our first stop was Tokushima. We were lucky enough to get invited by my brother’s Vietnamese friends who are very much into photography and traveling. It feels great to be surrounded by people who also have the same hobby as yours!

We left at around 6 in the evening in Saitama (where we live) and the meeting place was at Tokyo station. We rode a taxi cab before that and I just noticed that there were security cameras inside the taxi cabs! Japan.. you already.

We got there early so my brother and I left our bags in the locker area. I really love train stations in Japan because everything is just in there! There are restaurants, countless vending machines, lockers, shops.. it’s like a different world happening from outside. Wow, deep haha.

My brother toured me in Ginza, a very posh district in Japan. A must-see is Abercombrie and Fitch’s BUILDING! After strolling around for a bit, we went back (running crazy like we were in Amazing Race) and realized that our meeting place was at the opposite side of the station. It wasn’t exactly fun to run with a big backpack (with your laptop inside) on your back.

We arrived just in time and spent the whole night until 7 in the morning in the bus. Hello, Tokushima!

There were interesting cars here and there. I want my own mini cooper!

This is my brother’s photo buddy, Huy.

That awkward moment when you realized Naruto is indeed a city.. and not just a fictional ninja character.

Interesting big umbrella I wanted to steal. It was so HOT!

Beautiful, fluffy clouds.

And when you thought it was crazy to build a bridge above a whirlpool.. (and to make it a tourist attraction)

You could hear the strong gushes of wind from below. I wonder how the Japanese were able to build it with the whirlpool below them @_@

You go kid

Took a photo of it because of Nikon hahaha

Extremely hot and humid weather!


This made me miss the finest white sand of Boracay..

“Me and my adventurous hair.” (Ocampo, 2011)


Awa Odori Festival

There was an important happening in the town on that day. I wore yukata for the second time! Thank you Vietnamese friends for lending me a yukata set!

Photos by my brother

When you’re touring in Japan, make sure you get to experience their omatsuri / festival. It’s exactly like in your favorite anime series!

Found a similar booth to the goldfish-scooping booth!

Awa Odori Festival

It was my first time.. and as you can see, only children participate in this kind of activity. Hahaha

There goes my 300 yen..


I was able to scoop a sparkling hidden mickey though. The booth owner was so nice to give me more!

Interesting hotdogs turned into swirly lollipops! Haha

My tired face for the last photo~


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