Tokyo DisneySea Adventure with Ashley, Emika and Gilbert!

I’ve been to DisneySea for a couple of times already .. and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of going here.

A child at heart will always be a child at heart, haha!


Had sakura pan and coffee for breakfast with my little cousin (who is talllerrrrr than everyone haha)!

MELON PAN you guys!

The magical train to DisneySea~



It was a very sunny day!




Donald and Daisy!






Emika selfie-ing with Prince Eric, haha!

What a playboy!


Such a lovely day full of laughter!





Sea Salt Icecream Monaka!

Chandu’s Tail (Chicken Creme filling inside!)


Milk Tea Popcorn???

Wanna go back here and have a little tea party!

Favorite place: Mermaid Lagoon!


New attraction: Toyville!

Schoolgirls or pretentious schoolgirls.

Had dinner in “Sakura Restaurant”!

Guilt-free dinner set!

Veggies please <3

 Rode the tower of terror..  and our souls parted away from our bodies.. :)))


It was Ashley and Emika’s first time to meet my cousin (Gilbert) and it’s amazing how we all clicked!

And the common denominator among us is..! Ashley and Emika helped and contributed a lot to the JapanLove project while I used to give out tasks to my cousin (who was still in the Philippines back then, and a graduating student). Thanks Japan for bringing us all together, hahahaha~




And when I got back, I finally received these love mails (that my brother forget to give me) from a Rainbowholic Reader in UAE (United Arab Emirates).

This is why I never run out of motivation to blog and share.. ;__;

Encouragement and “Go Kaila” messages really empower me so much!! Thank you, Koala Bear (whoever you are)!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo DisneySea Adventure with Ashley, Emika and Gilbert!

  1. waaaaaaah!!! Gusto ko rin punta dyan :yay:
    daming school girls!
    if I go in their, I’ll be a pretentious school girl 🙂


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