Where To See Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) in Tokyo 🌸

Hi everyone!

To say hello to a great weekend ahead, I’m sharing this cherry blossom photospam!

🌸 9:30 AM. Kinshi Park, Kinshicho, Tokyo. 🌸

My favorite scenic view when riding the Keihin Tohoku Line passing by JR Oji Station.

White sakura skies in Saitama.

After 4 batches of shipments, I treated myself with some journaling time at my favorite cafe.

To start this post, let me share some stories about my Saturday last week.

Went to Shibuya to meet up with a dear friend from university. Was delighted to see Hachiko and his popular feline friends hanging out at Shibuya.

After waking up early and sending the last batch of shipment to another post office (I took my packages with me while riding the train, can you believe?!), I had lunch at a favorite local cafe and went straight to Shibuya, Tokyo afterwards.

Visited Tokyu Hands to buy some products for my dear clients.

Met up with Bianca and friends in Shibuya. Brought them to Asakusa for some night hanami. 5-6PM = best time to go and explore in Asakusa because you can actually enjoy walking here without bumping into anyone, ahaha!

Bought the famous snack. All I could remember was… it was kinako sugar..? Mochi? Lol

When you visit late at night (I think they close at 7:30 – 8pm?), you’ll get to enjoy the sweets at a discounted price! This strawberry daifuku was only 200 JPY?!

Tokyo Sky Tree looking neat

Sakura clouds at night

Sensoji Temple

Where to eat ramen in Asakusa: Benkei Ramen

Bianca’s Japan Diary

Bianca and I met during college. She was still studying as an Advertising Mgt. student back then in our univ (she transferred to another school) and our common love for Japan brought us really close! I remember riding the MRT with her (our own version of JR in Manila.. don’t google because you will be disappointed lol) and both of us would talk about Japan. She got an opportunity to experience homestay (like my older bro / and her mom) and she told me A LOT so many fascinating and funny stories during her first time in Japan (how cool electronic toilets are, observations, etc lol). Those moments really inspired me to work on my Japanese dream. Almost a decade later.. here we are, both in Japan.. browsing pages the funny journal together at a train station.

We’ve come so far and I’m proud of our own individual achievements. :”)

I drew / wrote this on her journal before lol. I thanked her a lot for letting me borrow and read it!

To my surprise as I was going home, I chanced upon riding the hyped GINZA LINE of Tokyo Metro (sakura design)?! OMG?? MY LUCK THAT DAY was too much haha

I tried my best to snap a photo without people but they were all so excited to sit down haha

*tourist mode on* *takes 10000 photos*

VIDEO: Off The Beaten Path Sakura Spots in Tokyo | Cherry Blossom 2018 | Rainbowholic 🌸

On the next day, Aki and I allotted time to spend the day together under sakura trees. What better way to enjoy it is to have your Tokyo local boyfriend introduce you undiscovered places & not-so-popular ways on how to hanami like a Japanese haha.

Rode the Arakawa Toden Line (Tokyo Sakura Tram). Bought the 400 JPY day pass!

Asukayama Park at 9AM was relaxing. The complete opposite of the Ueno Park situation!

Best for pretentious kids like me to enjoy the playground hahaha

Praying his boss doesn’t see this lol

I didn’t instruct him to do this

Next stop was at JR Oji Station (still using the tram) ~

I never knew about Arakawa Amusement Park until that day.


Good thing the cherry blossoms as a view was distracting enough haha

It was a little bit scary to pedal your way while looking down hahahaha…

Rode the ferris wheel and it was one of our best decisions ever haha

View from the top omg

Not my hands lol

My luck was extra that weekend. Got to ride the extra sakura-fied Tokyo Sakura Tram!

Sakura drink, sakura chiffon cake, sakura everything…

Can you believe there were only like 5 people of us taking photos here?? IDK why people go to Ueno Park now during mankai (full bloom) or for hanami weekends lolol

Disclaimer: I didn’t touch the tree. I showed my respect and love by giving it a warm air hug. Warm?? lol

Cheap people like us love good cheap food. We rode the tram all the way to Minowabashi to experience the more local side of Tokyo with all the resident obaachan’s and ojiichan’s.

The stationery gods must have felt my presence. Look what shocked me ahaha it’s a stationery store out of nowhere?!

Joyful Minowa, you were interesting! Will be back for more cheap food haha

Anime feels y’all

Walked around Komagome / Sugamo ~

Fuwafuwa Gudetama met Sugamon (Sugamo’s mascot lol) ~

Things To Do in Sugamo, Tokyo


Lovely neighborhood. Fantastic day.

Went to my other job’s main office and got pleasantly surprised by Kinshi Park’s sakura paradise.

These photos went viral on twitter like what?? omg lol

Had a short & sweet hanami during lunch break with my co-worker ~ 🌸

Gonna enjoy this season while it lasts!

Thank you Nature, for your divine beauty!

With love, カイラ 🌸

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