Wind Chimes & Edo-style Starbucks at Kawagoe, Saitama 🎐

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How are you guys? ε…ƒζ°—οΌŸ I hope you’re all genki (good)! ^^

Yesterday, me and my friend Kiko met up at Kawagoe to visit the insta-famous Starbucks branch & to finally experience the Wind Chimes festival at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine.

And oh btw, you can watch the early viewing video on my patreon~ heehee! 🎐

Video will be released within the week! Please stay tuned!

I really missed exploring Kawagoe. I went here alone and with my friends before in multiple occasions. We also had some work-related photoshoots here before. Going back with a friend really felt nostalgic for me!

For many years, I would always miss the Wind Chimes event at Hikawa shrine. Not anymore this time, yay!

Kawagoe’s ~aesthetic~

Really enjoyed just walking around and taking photos. Many thanks to my creative friend Kiko for my blog-worthy photos, haha!

To those who are unfamiliar about Saitama prefecture (where I’ve been living for the past 7 years), here is some relevant info about my favorite place (copy-pasted from the official prefecture website):

Saitama Prefecture is located just north of Tokyo Prefecture, and has a well developed transportation network including railways and highways, making for excellent access from neighboring prefectures and international airports.

The prefecture is blessed with a variety of sightseeing resources represented by “Little Edo” Kawagoe which retains its appearance from the Edo Era and the greenery of Chichibu and Nagatoro, as well as other food, drinks, anime, nature, industry, history, traditional culture, sports, and various experiences. In addition, international events are planned to be held all around the prefecture, including the World Bonsai Convention, Saitama City in 2017, the Rugby World Cup in 2019, and the Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics in 2020 (which will have soccer, basketball, golf, and shooting events staged in the prefecture).


If you love Totoro/ Studio Ghibli, they also have a Donguri branch there!

You can visit Kawagoe by using the Saikyo line (from JR Akabane station / Shinjuku station). It might take around 30-40 mins.

From Kawagoe station, you need to walk quite a lot to visit the famous tourist spots. Just use the google map or check out the official Koedo Kawagoe website for more info.

Since this year’s summer in Japan is really crazy (38-41 degrees.. omg lol), I suggest going out from 3-4PM onwards instead of exploring during noontime.

Before we went to Hikawa Shrine, we decided to make a brief stop at Starbucks Kawagoe. This is really famous among tourists because of the Japanese elements (zen garden, the branch itself, etc.) ~

Peach Frappucino y’all

*must take photos of everything* lol

The icon of Kawagoe: clock tower!


Almost-sunset lighting is the best

If you wanna skip the super busy & crowded Asakusa but want to try on a Japanese yukata, you might be interested in some yukata rental shops in Kawagoe!

Didn’t have enough time so we didn’t visit the museum already…

.. and btw, most shops close at around 5-6PM (if I’m not mistaken) so don’t arrive there too late! ^^

After another long walk, finally reached Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine!

Tanabata wishes ~

We were so happy to accidentally discover this area. Wanna go back just for sakura!

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine on Google Maps

*photoshoot session* lol

And of course, the day will not end without me asking forΒ eki stampu hahaha ~

Hope you guys enjoyed this Japan travel photospam!

I will be sharing more overdue / Japan travel-related content in the coming days. Please do look forward!

With love, カむラ

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  1. Ahhh… I love this post so much! So many colourful photos! Just wondering about how do you ask for the eki stampu? haha


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