Ghibli Museum in Mitaka with Decora Girl クリス and Totoro Kaila!

Yesterday, I posted an outfit post that was very much Totoro-inspired! :nod: And you guys guessed it right, I went to Ghibli Museum!!! And I invited Dino Kurisu~ to join with me~  :yay:

I actually had our tickets booked ONE MONTH EARLIER ! It was hard to reserve tickets so by hook or by crook, I/we had to go there! And it was the last day of Golden Week so.. consider me lucky for having those tickets.

To those who are interested to buy tickets (you cannot buy tix there directly),  I’ll write about how to buy tickets through Lawson’s Loppi later/sometime. Don’t worry, I think that it just so happened that it was Golden Week and April/May is a vacation month for everyone so weekends are unsurprisingly booked in Ghibli Museum.


Okay, let’s move to our narration now.. shall we?  😀

I originally wanted to go with those awesome CCS-inspired rocking horse shoes from Bodyline but I just brought those with me…  and wore something more comfortable for commuting.

That’s a DIY Totoro shirt + 100 yen pair of plastic binoculars to spice up my not-so-rainbowholic coordinate!

My golden tickets

When we got to Mitaka station (via Chuo Sobu Rapid Line in Shinjuku Station), we went to the bus stop for faster access.

Ghibli Museum is probably the most famous tourist spot in Mitaka so they decided to allot a bus solely for the museum.

We bought a discounted set of tickets for going and coming back home.

It would have been so cute if a CAT BUS (NEKO BASUUUU) fetched us!!


My eyes went @___@ when we arrived there! FINAAAAALLYYY!!

Got a free ticket for a short movie viewing! So happy it was a Totoro-related movie~


Could not take photos so “blatantly” so I took photos of their interesting powder room~~

What I loved about Ghibli: DETAAAAILS

And then we went up.

It was actually a not-so-big museum. No wonder they don’t accommodate a lot of tourists and tickets are on reservation. I think Ghibli Museum is 1/4 of Sanrio Puroland?

And the famous robot from Laputa (which I personally think is horribly named : ))) )


Here’s my companion, the colorful pinkysaurus / Dino Kurisu~

She brought Harajuku to Mitaka all by herself + her sharkie~



Stealing photos because Ghibli attendants were everywhere! : )) I’m such a horrible/bad tourist… (along with other sneaky ones, haha)


..but were too expensive : (((

Nonetheless, I still bought little somethingsss. The paper bag is a lie : ))) The omiyage I bought only took 1/3 of the whole space.. haha.

I was SO hungry! Had to eat at their cafe area..

I ordered hotdog + peach juice~ <3

The Cafe was so packed and many people were reserving as well. We were looking for a huge TOTORO somewhere but it was non-existing.. : ((((


I still managed to take some photos outside! The kibishii 厳しい (strict) rule only applies inside the museum~ Yay!


a pack of kurosuke huhuhuhuhu so cuteeee!

And after enjoying the museum for two hours, we decided to end our Ghibli tour!

BTW, there’s a huge and fluffy neko bus inside.. but photos weren’t allowed. It was so cooool!!

We were wishing to be transformed into children so we could play inside the bus ;__;


Since it was already a perfect sunny day, we figured to take purikura at Shinjuku!



Thanks for the awesome time, KURISUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU  :heart:


We had the perfect timing that day (Sunday)! When we had our purikura taken, there was a squall + surprising rainfall after!  😥

At least, we had everything done before the weather decided to be a kill-joy..


Omiyage~ YAY!!

When I got home, I received omiyage (souvenir) from Ate Claire’s family! They went to Atami to spend their 2-day Golden Week vacation ^^v

Thanks Ate JL!

And then when I was going home, I went inside “RANKING QUEEN” store. Decided to try these out : )))

No judging.. please! : )))))))

100 yen mini camera pouch bag for my baby Nikon J1


And Purikura prints~  :happy:


♫ ♪ ♫ Bai~ bai~ ♫ ♪ ♫


6 thoughts on “Ghibli Museum in Mitaka with Decora Girl クリス and Totoro Kaila!

  1. This post brings back good memories… I love the toilets at Ghibli Museum too! HAHHAA!!

    Sorry to hear you couldn’t find the giant Totoro, I spent about half an hour searching for it, it was kind of hard to find and inconspicuous, near the “giant door” if that makes sense.

    I like the way you did your shirt!

  2. …. HOW can there be no huge Totoro in the museum? HOW? :(( I wanna put a huge Totoro in my house someday…. Then I’ll hug it. OuO :heart:

    I love your outfit!!! :heart: And Kurisu-san’s so cool~ *A* Reminds me of Ate Reese. :))

    And the omiyage from Claire-san’s so cute~ Natawa ako sa face lift up belt haha =)) Not judging you, though. :-j Japan always has strange things…..

  3. I see pictures of a huge Totoro in the Ghilbi museum in pictures (google) is it inside the museum? 🙁

    Also, I’m always so jealous of your purikura shots! I think I would always be determined to coordinate if I knew I could have purikura shots to commemorate them–and also to remember wonderful days like you have! 🙂

  4. the museum looks soo greeny! ^_^ 🙂
    thank you so soosooooo much angel for stealing photos and posting for curious people like e to enjoy!! 😀 hmm imagining the neko bus *_*


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