Harajuku Cafe-Hopping with Tokyo Sweets Project!

Hi everyone!

Last weekend, I was invited by Tokyo Sweets Project to do cafe-hopping together with Mochi Sucre.

I rarely go to Harajuku now as I often prefer quiter places in Tokyo / Saitama but it also felt refreshing to go back to the place I used to frequent to. Harajuku has changed a lot, haha.

10 Things To Do in Harajuku video by Me & Yumi-san

Just a teaser photo of our day 🙂

The weather forecast was it was going to rain.. but it was too sunny, lolol~

First stop was at Reissue Latte Art Cafe. If you see those latte art photos on instagram, those were probably taken here.

Click here for the access guide.

We thought that we would line up that day since this cafe is really popular but to our surprise… there were only few customers, on a Sunday morning?? Lucky us!

You can choose if you want a normal latte art or a 3d latte art. The staff will just ask for a photo for reference and he/she will take a photo of it. You can even have your face drawn, lol!

Can you guess which is mine? Haha!

After 1000 photos.. lol. In all fairness, the coffee was great! I ordered cappuccino.

After that, we went to our next stop, the Pompompurin Cafe! It was my 3rd time to dine there.

Click here for the Pompompurin Cafe Harajuku Google Maps Link.

Always wonderful to go back!

My favorite from their menu, Pompompurin Beef Stroganoff. We were so hungry after hours of chatting so it was extra delicious for us, haha!

We had these yummy desserts! I recommend the pudding so much, I would go back just for it!!

If you’re a big Pompom fan, this cafe is absolutely heaven for you. Lots of limited cafe merch available too!

Since I had to go to Tochigi with Aki at around 3PM and they also made some plans, we ended our cafe-hopping soon. Definitely looking forward to the next one, since I enjoyed talking to these wonderful creative ladies! I thank the universe for letting me meet them.

Okay sooo, now, you must be wondering.. what is Tokyo Sweets Project? If you’re a Japan lover / have a sweet tooth, you might know their account on instagram (@tokyosweetsproject). I met the inspiring woman (Hi Yuka!) behind this creative venture and as she was explaining it to us, it’s going to be a super HELPFUL app for Japan / Tokyo travelers who would want to go on a cafe-hopping like what we just did (it will be launched soon). You can always rely on instagram for some cafe recommendations but it would be more convenient if all the ig-worthy (and of course, yummy) cafes are compiled in one app and all the info is laid out there.. right? For now, they have a TSP community on instagram & if you are going to Tokyo and you are CLUELESS about where to go and how to go there (photo locations are tagged hihi), I suggest following TSP. I actually went to some places they’ve recommended (Doubutsuen / animal ice cream haha) and I have some more dessert cafes I want to visit with my girl friends~!

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.. and that will be all for today’s post! Hope this info helped you plan your dream Tokyo trip!

Love, Kaila

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