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Cannot believe that I am finally writing / drafting the last post for 9 Days Japan Backpacking Trip! It was such an adventure for us last year and so many memories / travel info that I wanted to share.

During our last full day in Kansai region, we went to Nara from Osaka. I’ve been visiting Kyoto for many times during my 8/9-year stay here in Japan but I never had the chance to take a day trip from Kyoto to Nara. So glad that I was able to cross that out from my #japanbucketlist, haha.

Took the train from Osaka to Nara.

Met one of the official mascots of Nara, lol.

To be honest, I was a little bit confused about the fact how “Sento-kun” (the one I am holding hands with in the photo lol) was approved as a character design haha. I was thinking if this actually angered some religious people lol.. but anyway, looks like it was OK-ed, haha!

As always, cannot just get out of the train station without searching for the stamps haha.

This is Nara’s kawaii deer mascot called Shikamaro-kun! SO CUTE!

Real life Shika-chan was super cute!!


We just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon following the Nara deer lol

We briefly visited Todaiji Temple.

At this point, I had forgotten already where we were going. We just wanted to wander around the park haha

My face says it all. Too sunny lolol

The place was huge and there was an area / mini garden that we could enjoy a small picnic.

We weren’t prepared so we used the fliers as our mats haha

Going back to the station ~

Now at the Kansai International Airport. We opted to take an airplane ride back to Tokyo~

lolol everything can be a product collaboration haha

Desserts while waiting for our flight

VIDEO: Japan Travel Vlog 11: Last Day in Nara + Realizations After Backpacking + Journal With Me 🌈

I can’t wait for our next backpacking trip this year. No plans yet but I’m already feeling the excitement haha!

Arrived at Nishi Nippori station to change train. Had to get this because I was so hungry haha

And that was such an amazing trip. :”)

Not sure about  how many days our next time would be but I’m ready for another #JapanBackpackingTrip! ^^

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