My Tokyo Favorite: Karel Capek Tea Shop in Kichijoji 🍵

Hi everybody!

Just sharing some Tokyo travel info. If you are planning to visit Kichijoji for Inokashira Park, Paper Message, and Hattiffnatt Cafe (Storybook Style) and other famous places.. you might as well pass by Karel Capek tea shop!

They have other branches in Tachikawa, Jiyugaoka, and even Shinjuku. I feel that Kichijoji might be the cutest one, haha!

Recommended: Karel Capek softcream with cute “Buzzy-chan” packaging.

I took home the label of course, haha!

Karel Capek Teas & Packing Tapes (international shipping)

Karel Capek Kichijoji Branch (11AM – 8PM)

〒180-0004 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町2丁目17−5

Karel Capek, 2 Chome-17-5 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0004

Google Maps | Official Website ]

The woman behind this successful tea shop is Utako Yamada. She is also the artist / illustrator of the most adorable packaging!

How can you not buy everything? Haha!

You can also try some tea flavors there. I would recommend getting either the softcream / tapioca (milktea) though!

Happy tea lover haha (please ignore my scarf lol.. )

Bought tons for my January 2019 patrons!

I love the branding and all. “Aestheteac” hahaha

Got this free Buzzy-chan plush doll because I bought over 5,400 JPY ^^ (for clients, myself, and me lol)

Haul video + Tea Log Journal With Me soon ~

My favorite: Roobois Vanilla!

Passed by Tokotoko Zakkaten along the way too. They sell super cute cat stationery / merch!!

Love the Kichijoji vibe hehe ~

Hope you guys enjoyed the mini store tour through photos + you’d consider visiting Karel Capek too!

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Just plugging the #SakuraBox2019 once more hehe ~

Started a new Sakura 2019 special series on my youtube! Watch the first and second episode now yay ~

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3 thoughts on “My Tokyo Favorite: Karel Capek Tea Shop in Kichijoji 🍵

  1. It’s soo cute!!! I’m into teas recently and this cafe looks like heaven *_* The illustrations are so lovely! I love those teas with the packaging- “Good-night herb”, “booklover’s tea”, “Wisdom”! They are so whimsical *_* And the sign board of Tokotoko Zakkaten!!


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