The Beautiful Osaka Castle + Japan Travel Photo Diary 🏯

Hi everybody!

I am currently on a mission to complete all of my Japan travel backlog. I’m starting this year with my third to the last entry for the 9 Days Japan Backpacking series.

I have finished editing all of the photos and I am now just writing down all the captions (and trying to recollect some stories in my brain lol).

Hope you guys will enjoy the rest of the backpacking blog entry series!

Didn’t expect this pretty manhole to show up. Had to take that shoe-fie snap, haha!

Getting our breakfast at St. Marc Cafe before traveling to Osaka from Kyoto. To give you a refresher, we did stay at a capsule hotel!

Of course, train stamps~

First time to try Takoyaki in Osaka. For some reason, I still prefer Gindaco more over any Takoyaki restaurant haha

Tooo many people lol

Cheese and cringe (@ me) lol

Second time to try Pablo! Never disappoints, haha

Saw a Sailormoon-themed cafe. My 21 yr. old self would probably go in lol

Plum blossoms at Osaka Castle ~

Trying fruits before we explore the castle

We couldn’t take decent selfies together as it was so BRIGHT lol

The odd (or rather, unique? lol) activity that we are both fond of: taking photos of Gudetama wherever we go lol

Went to Miraiza (near the castle) to look for food to consume / souvenirs to take photos of lol

Restoration history ~

Iced matcha latte and matcha steamed bun combination :O

If you are going to Osaka, I do recommend visiting the castle. It was relaxing for Aki & me~

I saw a “Tokyu Hands” store so I just had to visit lol (even if you can find it in Tokyo / Saitama haha)~

Trying to find our airbnb. We had some trouble to find the location (we went to the wrong place ;_;) ~ funny night lol!

Gave up on looking for airbnb for a bit to dine and to try this Balinese restaurant in Osaka. We were so hungry by this time, hehe

It made me miss Filipino food, huhu.

Someday, we will also visit Bali, Indonesia!!




Finally found our airbnb after numerous calls and all.

The listing is not available anymore but it was a really old apartment (wooden style). You could hear your neighbors sleeping and all :O

It was a decent room (and very cheap!). It was my first time to take a bath at a local “sento”. (I go to onsen more.. and those two are different things haha). The apartment didn’t have any private bathroom. The toilet was for common use as well. (apartment tour in my next post haha) It was an interesting experience for me haha. I never lived in a sharehouse-type of arrangement or this kind of apartment so it was really nice to at least try a kinda-spooky apartment stay once in my life lolol.

And after we took a bath from the sento (it was like 2 blocks away), we went to sleep ~

Watch the Osaka vlog here ~

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Itinerary details will be posted on my patreon soon!

<3, カイラ

4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Osaka Castle + Japan Travel Photo Diary 🏯

  1. Hi Kaila, nice to meet your blog 🙂 After you old stay in Japan, do you have plans to stay in the Philippines again?

  2. Gosh this makes me miss Japan so much! I didn’t get a chance to explore Osaka as much as I wanted to, but I’m hoping that next time we either stay there or at least spend a full day’s trip there. Whenabouts did you go? I don’t want to miss the cherry blossoms!


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