3 cities, 1 week.

I’m so happy I get to write this post now~! It requires so much effort and time to fill my entries with photos  😥

And I have other stuff to do, I have to finish these before my memory fails me @_@

I spent the whole night looking for a perfect song.. and I landed on my favorite playlist.

This song is “Open Happiness” by Monkey Magic (you’ve probably heard this from one of my entries before)


Photospammed entries in a list:

Natsu Yasumi Roundup

Posted Kyoto photos below are from my brother’s D200.

Kyoto’s train station is  😎

I struggled with the stairs because I felt guilty of eating donuts..  :sigh:

Where we stayed, Aoi So Inn.

Lost girl looking lost

First (unnamed) temple. We haven’t gotten our bikes here yet.

Kyoto Imperial Palace that we missed (because I was busy taking photos of random objects :sweatdrop: )

Dream bike! I’d like a cottoncandy blue or a caramel-colored one : )

Heart of Kyoto, as my brother describes it. This is so beautiful when you go biking at night!

Kirei na shashin desu ne..

Ginkakuji (慈照寺) – Silver Pavilion – wiki

Heian Jingu Shrine (平安神宮) – wiki

Geisha houses in Gion (祇園) – wiki

Kiyomizu (清水寺) – wiki

Nijo Castle (二条城) – wiki

Kitanon Tenmangu (北野天満宮) – wiki

Ryoanji (龍安寺) Rock Garden – wiki

Kinkakuji (金閣寺 ) – Golden Pavilion – wiki

Breathtaking Arashimaya – wiki

Tired Kaila  :blank:

Shijo Kawaramachi (四条河原町) – wiki

Biking while window shopping  :star:

Awesome stuff. Bought a unique yukata set from this store!

View from a taxi cab, haha

Sanjusange-do (三十三間堂) – wiki

Shinkansen (bullet train) going back to Okayama

Bikanchiku (倉敷美観地区) – wiki

Actually we stayed for 2 days at Okayama because my brother had some business there. This backpacking trip would not be absolutely possible if it weren’t for my brother who sponsored it all. Thank you Kuya!  :bleh:

I’m proud to say that I’ve used all means of transportation during this backpacking travel! Walking, biking, local/city/bullet trains, bus, car (rental), and airplane  :yay:



2 thoughts on “3 cities, 1 week.

  1. (Am I allowed to comment again? .___.) I just finished watching the video and omg so nice~ *w* The song is nice too! /downloads nyehe/ Someday talaga, ate. :))

    -Wear a Yukata
    -Go to diff. Shrines & etc.
    -Ride a bike in Japan (kahit di ako marunong. 8D)
    -RIDE THE TRAINNN (and sana shinkansen pero I doubt~)
    -and you know… GO TO JAPAN. ;A;

    Lol ate if ever pupunta ako we shall meet ohohohoho~ /ang taas mangarap


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