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Achievements by カイラ in the blogging world~ 😥  やった〜! :blush:

December 2015: Tokyo Extra Guest (Shibuya Episode)

December 2015: Tokyo Extra Guest (Kawaii Philippines Representative)

April 2013: Chosen as NHK World Kawaii International‘s Kawaii.i Leader together with Eva Cheung (HK), Mio (Germany), Stella Lee (Indonesia) & Marie Zannou (France)!

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April 2013: NHK World Kawaii International’s People’s Choice Award 2013!  :what:


October 2012: I was sent by Hasbro (the makers of My Little Pony) for Hanazuki’s global brand launch in Amsterdam for 4 days.

It was my first all-expense paid trip as a blogger! I was the only one who came all the way from Japan.

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October 2012: First Place in Kawaii International’s POP OTAKU Fashion Contest

September 2012: Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi Interview @ Harajuku, Tokyo 

May 2012: Special Standout Award in Kawaii International’s DIY Contest

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