A Free Day with Fairy-kei Girls, Gals and Lolita Marie in Harajuku!

This will be just a quick photo update during our “kawaii tour” here in Tokyo.  😥

Yesterday, we had a free day so we figured we should just hang out together in Harajuku!  :yay:

I wore the Avantgarde tights that were given to us as gifts! I’ve been wanting the Chocomoo ones so I wore it already. Hamburger socks ftw.

Shernise, Marie, Michi, Mio, Su and Stella (is that Stella??? *_*)

Shernise, Su and Michi are Stella’s gyaru friends btw 😀

Crazy girls in Harajuku :))

Purikura first! Took thousands of it :))

Met this lovely girl from Belgium! Hi Lunie  :heart:

More photos yay!

I think we got stopped by people/tourists for 7 times or so.  *_*

We had our lunch/snacks at JOL Harajuku.

Crepes, kebab w/rice, tapioca, nomnoms..

We will feature this place on Japan Lover Me this coming month, so watch out for it! 🙂

Kawaii Coordinates

Thought I should take the initiative of taking pictures of everyone’s pretty clothes! We all dressed up so we just had to have a nice photo of our.. kawaii efforts. :))


Marie, the almost-perfect Lolita! <3


Shernise, a gyaru!

Sorry for the over exposure *_*

Su, Pastel rock princess? :))

Love the nails!


Stella Lee??? =))

The fairy kei suits Stella so much! Hahaha!!


Kawaii da ne~

The person behind Stella’s transformation! :))


Happy Birthday Mio~!!

DIY creepers btw. *_*


Michi looking like a real doll *_*


Yours truly =)) I like looking “sassy” :))

My one-and-only SPANK! dress.. I love it so much!!!  :blush:

Really love the tattoo tights!

YAY!  :blush:

That’s all for now.. need to dress up and rush to Shibuya again (I checked out from the hotel).. 2 more days with everyone ;_; ;_; ;_;


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11 thoughts on “A Free Day with Fairy-kei Girls, Gals and Lolita Marie in Harajuku!

  1. oh woa all of your outfits are so cutee! :kawaii:
    eso michi :pink: she looks like an actual doll :blush3:

    also the pict of you infront of the purikura machine you are infront of a dakota rose one?? so cool i knew they were a thing but i hadnt seen one! :tongue:

  2. Aww everyone looks really great :DDD So attractive and cheerful :heart: :heart: Especially loving the fairy kei outfits :nod:

    Great to know you’re having lots and lots of funnn :blush3:

    With love,

  3. You make me want to go to Japan even more now!

    I love your photos~~ everyone is so cute!!! And how did you do the DIY creepers? I want to know, they are gorgeous!

  4. Heeeyyy! I was glad to meet you, you were so cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures <3
    Have fun if you're still in Japan! :fly:


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