9 thoughts on “Ask Rainbowholic

  1. Ohh questions 🙂
    1) what is the biggest business decision you regret?
    2) Can you have a conversation in Japanese?
    3) How/where do you store all your awesome possessions?

    🙂 🙂

  2. ^^ Such a cool idea! I always wanted to talk to you~

    1) I want to be a fashion designer and own a kawaii boutique in Harajuku.Can you give me some advise to help me make my dream possible? :3 ((I’m working on it!))
    2) Is it necessary to learn 1000+ Kanji to work in Japan?
    3) Which is your favorite fashion sub-culture?
    :3 thank you!

  3. I would love to ask you a lot of things because, seriously, you’re one of my biggest inspirations. My favorite blogger, my favorite Kawaii leader… But now I don’t know what to actually ask.

    1 – If you could go to any place in the world I know that you would love to go to Japan but… What’s your dream house? What would you like to have in it? How it would be?

    2 – What’s the only thing in the world that you would love to do but you know that you definitely can’t? And why…

    3 – Do you and all the girls of your kawaii group have any idea about expanding your kawaii world to something more international with supporters from Europe, for example, do you? Like, in some kind of happy kawaii supportive site or something like that…

    So, I hope you can answer me this three questions. I would love you to notice me because I really love your blog and everything you do actually. I am a big big big Rainbowholic Lover (:

    Big kiss from Portugal

  4. Hi, Kaila)

    -Do you want to become a little kid again and start all over again?

    -Would you like to live in a country where there a lot of snow and cold?

    -Would you like to learn about interesting and Kawaii :cheer: places and things in Russia?

  5. Hi Kaila :yay:

    Where do you get those :kawaii: leggings, stockings, sweaters/cardigans, bags and shooooooeeees??? i soooooo :heart: it! :333: really! any suggestions? hihihi

    and thank you for inspiring us!

  6. It’s really good that you accept questions from others :nod:

    1. What course did you take when you were in college? :blush3: (just really want to know hoho.)
    2. I’m just a teenager and I really want to become someone like you :blush: How did all this Kawaii blogs, pages, kawaii ph team started? *curious* *curious* :ohnoes: :heart:
    3. Will there be a time when you’ll expand your team for others? Haha. something like sub-team? lol (can’t think of other question :333: )

    If any of these will be answered then thaaaanks :yay: :heart:


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