Cosplay Mania 2013 with Kawaii PH & Japan Lover Me

YAAAAAAAY!  :happy:

Quick updates for the the coming weekend’s big event here in Manila:

[Text from Cosmania’s Facebook Page]

The Japanese cute culture is coming to #CosplayMania13!

From the producers of Kawaii in Manila, Kawaii PH, is bringing the Japanese kawaii culture to the event with kawaii merchandise and accessories up for sale!

Not only that! KYARY PAMYU PAMYU NANDA COLLECTION Album will also going to be up for sale at their booth courtesy of Odysseylive.Net and Warner Music Philippines.

Visit Kawaii PH booth at E85 located at the Dealer’s Hall (Function Room 4).



Japan Lover Me is bringing the Japan love to#CosplayMania13!

We will be selling kawaii illustrations and art and also accessories for Japanese street fashion enthusiasts (from the popular quirky-kawaii brand Enji)!

Not only we will be bringing the love for Japan to the event but we also want to share the love and give something back as we partner up with ADF-SPK Foundation. Kawaii pieces made by the children that the foundation supports will be sold at the event and all proceeds will be donated to the foundation.

Visit booth at E87 located at the Dealer’s Hall (Function Room 4).


Cosplay Mania ’13 will happen on October 5-6, 2013 at SMX Convention Center Manila.

Exhibitors’ Meeting with ChiChi, Anne & Francis

Went to SMX with my teammates (Reese wasn’t present huhuhu) for the exhibitors’ meeting~


ChiChi so cuteee

This photo is so funny for some reason hahaha.

Thanks Francis (ChiChi’s boyfriend) for all the snaps, heehee~

Never imagined myself that I’d participate as an exhibitor in a really big convention here!

Super looking forward to it because work with amazing company is always awesome.


Wishing my teammate Mishie will also be there with us! ;_;


Anne <3


Truth is, “kawaii” really brought all of us together. And our love for all things Japanese. :))

Love love this photo~



Anne’s expression = FTW hahahaha

We’re into creative work + love kawaii / Japanese culture… and we’re also a bunch of impulsive buyers :)))

Our neko hats are the glaring evidence of our impulsiveness hahaha~


I guess that these would be all for now.. still super busy ;___;

Currently editing the Kawaii in Manila video now~ please wait for it! Teehee~


7 thoughts on “Cosplay Mania 2013 with Kawaii PH & Japan Lover Me

  1. :333: You three look so cute together! Can’t wait to see the whole team together (:

    I’m rooting for all of you ^^

    With love,

  2. Good luck! Being a part of a convention is so fun!! I’ve worked as an exhibitor for several in the past, and it’s always so thrilling/exciting/amazing to be a part of something so big!

    Love your jacket btw, the scallop edge is so cuuute!


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