D.I.Y. Kawaii Harajuku Experience Itinerary by Rainbowholic

Hello Rainbowholic friends! Ohayou from Japan!  :heart: 元気?

I just want to tell you guys about this ambitious project I have been working on!

kawaii copy

For the past 3 years here in Japan, I have been touring close friends from Manila (and sometimes, online world) and bringing them to “kawaii” places here in Tokyo.

As you all know, I really enjoy strolling around and doing tourist-y things even though I already live here in Japan. Also, I get sooooo many questions about “Where to go in Harajuku, Kaila?” .. “Where to take purikura?” “Where is 6% DokiDoki?”…#truth hahaha

It seems like the list of  things to do in Harajuku is still not enough to cover everything. Honestly, when I go to Harajuku with a friend who is a tourist, sometimes I don’t know where to start because THEREEE are so many places and activities to do!

Remember the Harajuku Reporter I did before for NHK World Kawaii International program? I interviewed a LOT of foreigners about what they think of Harajuku / what’s their itinerary. Didn’t realize that the research I would get from that (lololol) would be applied to the ~kawaii tours~.

There was a time during Sakura season that I had to bring 3 (or 4??) friends in separate days to Harajuku alone! I was almost in Harajuku for a week lolololol :))


So there, I will first cover Harajuku (there might be 5 parts) and maybe later on, I can do one for Shinjuku (where I used to study Nihongo), Shibuya, Akihabara.. and other オススメ / recommended places in Tokyo.

For some reason, it is also my dream to publish a book about my kawaii recommendations / activities here in Tokyo. Figured I shouldn’t wait for a publisher / collaborator to actualize this grand idea of mine. Should just make my own online book through a blogging platform, lol.

So there, I hope you will wait for it!

If you have questions or suggestions, please do leave your comments here. ありがちゅー!


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