First Week of September So Far + Cardcaptor Sakura Necklaces (New Release)!

Hello everybody!

I just got home from a day of reviewing Kanji + physical (and draining) work from 2PM – 7PM!

Tomorrow, I will be attending a yoga session with a Japanese friend (so random lololol). I still have some listings that are already overdue but I’ll do my best to get my pace back. BEEN CRAZILY BUSY THESE DAYS HUHUHU I’m swimming in my own self-imposed endless work… but again, I am in no position to complain. I’ll just enjoy everything while I can still be this “active”! Enjoying the “youth” haha.


This is our mini van when we pick up boxes / stuff from the rented lockers. We had a major revamp of the inventory today and mosquitos loved my legs. ;___;


This is my favorite Sukajan from our current collection at the Japan Lover Me Store.

AS OF THIS MOMENT, I still have 50+ Sukajans to list! I’m excited to share with you all the entire collection!!!!


Chichi painted a Sukajan girl art! This is way tooooo ADORABLE! What do you expect from Little Miss Paintbrush??? *_*


After consecutive days of working, my body hungered for some onsen / hotspring time. After that session, I craved for our local onsen’s vanilla icecream! Too heavenly ;____;


While working part-time at AREA Harajuku~


Sachiko wearing a Rainbowholic shirt + modeling the Little Miss Paintbrush totebag!


Last night, I’ve finally released these promised Cardcaptor Sakura necklaces from the Rainbowholic Shop! I can’t wait to show you guys my kawaii packaging~ XD


I guess that would be all for now! I have to go back to work now~!

Until my next entry,


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