Happy Squirrel Chisa + Totoro & Pikachuuu~ ♥

Just a quick update that will definitely make you smile and squeal because of cuteness! Hihihi~  :pink:


Last month or so, my baby niece Chisa recently launched her own blog. I am actually training her to become a blogger.. haha, just kidding! 😀 Chisa is growing up so fast and we love documenting every moment of it.. because she’s that adorable ;_;

( BTW.. it’s really hard to blog using a baby’s perspective, just saying =)) )

www.happysquirrel.me  :peace:

Of course, graphics by our favorite kawaii illustrator, ChiChi!


Because all of us love Totoro, my brother finally gave in and bought this Totoro bed from eBay.. *for Chisa..

Who later transformed into a..

.. Totoro-loving Kaila overnight.. :)))


Since my niece and sis-in-law are back in Manila (to spend time with my family for a few months).. I became the temporary owner of this magical fluffy bed. Hehehe 😛

This got featured + got many views on Time Out Tokyo’s website as well! Yayayayayay ~  :star:






Speaking of kawaii characters..

Today, I transformed into a yellow creature.


This is me modeling one of the prizes for the Japan Essay Contest with Japonista Sole. ^^

(yep, the tag is still there!)

We shopped for a lot of cool stuff for the winners~ Will update the entry for that so I can show the prizes! 😀

Please note that the essay contest part will be extended until February 18, 2013 so you guys can still think and prepare for your submissions! ^^



Oh the tricks that I am proud of. :))


I don’t know.. I can’t explain the photos either..




*sighhh*  :blank:


8 thoughts on “Happy Squirrel Chisa + Totoro & Pikachuuu~ ♥

  1. I love the Totoro bed, I wish I could have one… So bad! :blush:

    Your blog fills me with envy every time I come on here, love it! :yehey:

    – M.
    :333: :3star:

  2. Waaa you have a pikachu kigurumi!!! :heart: :heart:
    I have a koala kigurumi and this is how I got to be called Koala by my friends :cheer: And how I began to love koalas so much :yay:

    I love kigurumi’s so much! They are fluffy and warm and absolutly cute! :kawaii: Haha the gif of you jumping around like a little (pikachu) mouse is totally cute :333: Totemo kawaii! :yehey:

    And I LOVE the totoro bed 😥 I want it! And I’m sure I could buy it on ebay but I have not enough place in my room 😥 You are (or actually Chisa-chan is) so lucky to own it! Lucky girls! Enviable :nod:

  3. Hehe I just stumbled across your blog while searching for the Totoro bed for my son and daughter ( and most likely, my girlfriend… lol)
    I had a couple of questions!
    First 1) Your blog is awesome and you should be arrested for your cuteness. but that’s not really a question.
    2) How is that bed for comfort? and where did you buy it from? I found a bunch on ebay, a bunch on amazon, and a bunch from China. I am not opposed from ordering from China (I order lots of stuff from there) but I dont want to get a bad one :*

    I don’t know if I can follow ur blog or if it interfaces with wordpress or blogger, but
    Please feel free to email me back via the contact info, or comment back here. life.)


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