Kaila Sensei: Blogging How-To’s, Geeky Tutorials and Kawaii Life Hacks

Hi all!

I am finally launching one of my biggest personal projects of all time: KAILA-SENSEI.COM!! *cue tears*



This blog site is filled with simple how-to’s, geeky tutorials & kawaii life hacks by yours truly for your self-improvement and development of your kawaii lifestyle.

It contains various topics about blogging, web design and even e-commerce; all from the basics I will gladly teach you to turn your passion into your life-long career with a cute twist!

All successful icons today started from scratch, and so can you! I will do my best to inspire you to achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams, and make a noise in your chosen career by creating your own personal brand.

I aim to motivate you through this blog for this is my own way to reach out to you and to give you my support in making your dreams come true. All you need to have is willingness in your heart to learn and have faith in yourself that you know you can do it.

I believe in you can rock the world even with that giant red bow! : )

Let’s learn simply, plan creatively and work flexibly as we enjoy, excite and stay awesome.

Many thanks to Keeshia for creating this logo & Marielle of Komorebi Diaries for all the help!

With love, 


6 thoughts on “Kaila Sensei: Blogging How-To’s, Geeky Tutorials and Kawaii Life Hacks

  1. I love it! You’ve done so well to maintain so many websites and blogs, then you keep adding more equally amazing ones. I’ll definitely be reading all of Kaila Sensei’s posts ^o^

  2. Wowww thank you so so much and I’m so excited to check it out!? and I love the last line “learn simply,plan CREATIVELY and work flexibly” ???

  3. You’re such an inspiration, Kaila! 😀 I’m so happy to see you finally launched it!!! :’)
    ❤︎ Thank you a trillion times! ❤︎


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