Kakkoii Months at Japan Lover Me + Kawaii.PH LOOKS Special

Konbanwa from Japan! Just some quick updates about our current projects~

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.09.14 PM

Kakkoii Months are back at JAPAN LOVER ME! <3

Cannot wait to share more “cool” / カッコイイTrivia / Places / Information about Japanese culture!

KPH Looks - KIM2 FB update jpg

Kawaii.PH/LOOKS Special was released a few days ago!


Over 1500 people attended Kawaii in Manila 2 : The First Philippine Kawaii Convention. The following fashion snaps feature some of the attendees who came in their kawaii/Harajuku-inspired outfits!


Congratulations and many thanks to ChiChi, Chai and Keeshia! <3


<3, カイラ

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