Kawaii + Inspiration

 My blog has evolved a lot.. 

It used to be just another creative outlet… At first, I just wanted to share all these kawaii & amazing things I would see & experience while living in Japan.. and chasing my dreams.

Kawaii and Inspiration

Now, I want to blog more about meaningful things (#life, haha). I want to share my thoughts, learnings, experiences ….

…. hoping that these would be a source of inspiration to anyone out there (who needs it most).

Kawaii, inspiration, photographs, realizations, positivity, dreams, goals, and action plans…


~ Been having a quite tough week.. but *gambarimasu* ~! :”)


One thought on “Kawaii + Inspiration

  1. Kaila! Your layout is SO amazing! I’m always impressed at how creative and well-thought-out and well-put-together your layouts are! 🙂

    As for your blog being more meaningful… I definitely agree. It’s nice to be able to blog about things that are meaningful in your life, because you’ll be able to look back in the future and see how things have changed! 🙂


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