Kawaii in Manila is NEAR!

Konbanwa from Manila~! <3

Here’s a quick blog update regarding our Kawaii Lifestyle Workshop this Saturday!!! I think that we might have a crying fest after all of these are over!! ;_;

My girls and I have been juggling organizing this workshop with our own work + activities for so long already! There was a time I even questioned myself, “Why the heck am I all doing these..?”.. when I know I should be just working my ass off with JapanLover.me duties & not stressing myself out with other responsibilities like this…

but I just couldn’t help it.

The idea is too fun. I should realize it with my friends / teammates. Kawaii should be shared more.

.. that the (real) Kawaii Girl concept should be reintroduced (idea: being kawaii isn’t only about looking hella cute, but also having an equally cute ..or even much cuter personality & attitude). That surrounding your life with cuteness is like living a healthy lifestyle. 🙂

I can’t wait for the day when I can finally blog everything that has happened.. from the little hiccups, fun meetings, sacrifices, etc. etc.

I will make sure that this workshop will be a success story.

It should be. It has to. 🙂

1x1.trans The Roots of Japans Kawaii Culture

*cue emo background music here* :))

 Almost three months worth of preparation. Savings almost… gone..TT_TT

For the sake of sharing kawaii kind of happiness to the ladies, we will surely do our best in this event!

I won’t be always here in the Philippines (in fact, this could be my longest stay here),

might as well make something awesome and memorable with other people.

..and I’m hoping that YOU will be part of it.  :heart:


www.manila.kawaii.ph | www.register.kawaii.ph

1x1.trans The Roots of Japans Kawaii Culture

If you’d like to try your luck + test your creativity, this is the perfect opportunity!


More details about Reese’s generous giveaway here~! JOIN GIRLS!!

1x1.trans The Roots of Japans Kawaii Culture

And quick update is quick,


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