Kyary Pamyu Pamyuseum 2 Visit (Video) + Updates & Plugs

Hello everyone! Just a quick post before I start preparing for our video shoot in an hour~!


Just finished editing a mini “comeback” kawaii adventure video at Rainbowholic TV ~


Ashley of Candy Kawaii Lover and I got to visit the “Kyary Pamyu Pamyuseum 2” last weekend because of Allie‘s suggestion!

You can view Ashley’s かわいい photos here from her blog post~

ep02 - KPP

Watch the Kyary Pamyu Pamyuseum Tour!

So muchhh funn! <3

Also, I am still working on my “Draw My Life” video ~ and I hope you guys will wait for it… yay~!



Random Kawaii~

Kawaii Randoseru Bags Soon @ Rainbowholic Shop


Yes, you read that right! The iconic “randoseru” backpack will be soon available at Rainbowholic Shop!

Please look forward to it and subscribe to our page via facebook or instagram! 🙂

Starting Your Kawaii Blog


Because many people have been waiting for an “intensive” and easy guide on how to make a blog (or a kawaii blog!), Kawaii Philippines will be releasing a special article for those who need some “enlightenment” about blogging!

Actually, it’s also one of our #KawaiiPHTV episodes for next year! 😀 So please do watch out for that! 🙂

Japan Deputy Shopping Service by JapanLover.Me


.. this is something that we have been pondering for so long.

If you support & love the art, trivia and everything about it, hope you can also do the same with this shopping service! 🙂 Details to be posted soon once the website has been launched! 😀

Looking Forward To 2015: Pokemon Cafe @ Shibuya Parco!


I am really looking forward to this @__@ Because I missed a lot of kawaii cafes when I was busy for Kawaii PH back in Manila!

For more details, please check this post!

Kawaii DIY of the day: DIY Christmas Wrapper

DIY Christmas Wrapper

Kaye-sensei has uploaded a fun tutorial at! Click here~

Because personalized gifts will be more special when the wrapping paper used is also personalized. Lololol~


And that would be all for now!

Gotta run,


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