Last Kawaii Hurrah for 2013!

Just a quick blog announcement~

Please don’t forget to vote for our special Tokyo Kawaii Leaders episode to be NHK WORLD’S Best of 2013 / Viewers’ Choice this year!  :heart:

Instructions can be found here~

Many thanks to ChiChi for this adorable gift fan art! TT_TT

Been super busy these days (actually, my body is about to give up huhu.. *sick*)..

Hopefully I can blog regularly again! So many things going on lately!!! I won’t stop working until I achieve my goals! 🙂

And YAYYY! 2 months to go and I’ll be back in Japan, with loads of objectives in preparation for 2014 (Cafe, Kawaii PH, JLM)!

Quick blog update is quick.. more stories and photos soon! 🙂

<3 Kaila

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