My Blog is BACK! + Hobonichi Diary Updates + #PrayForKumamoto

Hi all!

After three long days of my blog being inaccessible, it’s finally back! To my friends and readers who messaged me regarding this, I really appreciate your concern and thoughtfulness! Those comments actually inspired me more to blog. 🙂

First of all, I’d like to plug our first event this 2016 at Kawaii Philippines! 🙂 If you’re in Manila this April 30, hope you can visit our mini-bazaar (Kawaii Market 2016). For more info, you may proceed to our official event website at! ^^


Many thanks to our valued booth merchants, partners, and sponsors for supporting as always! 🙂



Since I’ve been really busy catching up with work and organizing my files these past few days, let me just share some random snaps from my phone.

Here are some recent updates of my hobonichi spreads! ^^


During our quick day trip to Kawagoe last weekend.


(Thanks Justin for helping me out with Nihongo!)


Dreams + Rainbow + Giant Pocky = what is this sorcery?! lolol


I have too many icecream photos such as this haha. I really love ソフトクリーム!


Finally got to try cantaloupe / melon & cream frappuccino from Starbucks! Surprisingly yummy! I thought it would take like medicine but it wasn’t. If you’re in Japan this season, please do try! 🙂


Pompompurin’s pudding gummy caught my eye!


And lastly, before I end this quick blog post …

Recently, Kumamoto has been hit with massive earthquakes that devastated many homes and claimed lives.

Please support relief and recovery operations by donating any amount through’s Kumamoto Quake Relief Fund.

If you google and search for some Kumamoto earthquake photos, it will give you chills. I cannot remember when but I’ve always wanted to explore the Kyushu region of Japan because there are just too many wonderful & enchanting places to visit & see. It may take some time for the survivors to recover but I know that the Japanese spirit is resilient enough to get back on track. I sincerely hope and pray that there won’t be anymore tragedies such as this (not only in Japan, but everywhere else, like recently.. Ecuador too). If you are also interested in donating for the Ecuador Earthquake Relief fund, please visit this link. I’m not sure if I do have readers from Ecuador here but if you are, I hope that you are safe and sound! >_<

Kumamoto Supper Quake Relief

Illustration by ChiChi


I guess that for this post, that would be all for now.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and sparing time to just load everything. I appreciate it!



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