Otona Kaila For A Change..?

Otona means “adult” in Japanese. I feel like another person in my fashion coordinate today. Haha!

My brother and I applied for a US Visa today so we had to dress up in a semi-formal attire. We went to Roppongi at 7:00 in the morning!  :blank:


The one and only branded bag I have from Samantha Vega. I call this as my “power” bag because carrying it makes me feel like a superstar : )))

The rest  of my bags are Totoro-like bags : )))  I’d still choose a super cute original Rilakkuma bag over a Gucci one in a heartbeat! No joke!  :star:

Celebratory breakfast in Roppongi since we got approveeed!!!  :33:

A red blazer and some pearls to boost a girl’s confidence during interviews!

I miss wearing semi-formal / corporate attires! I used to wear corporate attire often back in college because my course (advertising management) required me to do so! I miss doing campaign pitches.. all dressed-up!

Since it was early, we decided to go to Harajuku to buy stuff for our event this Saturday and Sunday at Design Festa!

More details about it SOON!


Reminds me of Vivienne Westwood!

We could dream, right? Someday, Paris!



6 thoughts on “Otona Kaila For A Change..?

  1. You applied for a US Visa? How did it go? ^^ Kaila-san as an Otona….. Kireii na~ :loveheart: Oh and my mom has those bubbleflop-like flip flops… Pero there were fireflies instead =)))))

    And omg omg omg DESIGN FIESTA ME SO PROUD ONE OF YOUR JAPAN DREAMS CAME TRUE!!!! ;A; :heart: Can’t wait for your update about it hihi

  2. You were approved of the US Visa?! :lulz:

    I believe you stated it, but I could be wrong. If so, congrats!! I hope you visit California near Sacramento. It would be a pleasure to meet you face to face.

    I love your “Otona” style as well. Pretty much any fashion suits you! :nod:

  3. Otana Kaila onee chan *o*
    you really look cool ;3

    more flipflop ;3

    soooooooooooo kawaii ;3

    US VISA …
    i think you have plans

  4. OMG *points* Ipanema!! Brazilian brand *o* congratz on getting ur visa, US visa is so hard to get in Brasil =( you look cute even in otona version LOL


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