Petit dejeuner Champs Elysees

My unnamed Blythe says Hello!

Cannot wait to dress you up!

For a while, I’ve been into doll fashion. Cannot stop looking at Dollybird magazines in Bunka’s bookshop! @_@

Did some errands for my brother.. and I got this Blythe in return! Gambatte Kaira!

I wasthisclose to buying a Pullip doll instead (in complete Lolita outfit ;_;) but I like Blythe’s features more..

Decided to choose this design because it reminds me of my braided hair (thank you hair extensions.. i will miss you)

kaila04.JPG (515×480)

Accessory Haul

While we were on our way home, saw this accessory shop selling all items at 315yen only! Faux pearls, sunflower earrings, leather bow bracelets and pastel-colored shizzles =))

It’s not in the photo but I got clip-on hair extensions! COTTON CANDY BLUE AND PINK ;_;

Macro fail = )) This is a fancy mirror necklace.. so little and cute!



Can’t wait for summer classes to be over! Natsuyasumi (summer vacation).. here I go! I can’t wait to make pretty loli dresses for my (yet unnamed) Blythe.. ^^


One thought on “Petit dejeuner Champs Elysees

  1. The doll looks so pretty~ ^____^ I bet the clothes and accessories you’re going to make in the future will be really kawaii~ :heart: Ganbatte, ate! 😀

    ASJDKLASJDLAKSDJLAS /DIES Those bracelets are so pretty and cheap ohmygosh walang ganyang kamura dito sa Pilipinas. ;________;


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