Rainbowholic.TV: #Hobonichi With Me June 17-21

Hi friends!

In case you haven’t watched these videos yet, here are some #Hobonichi With Me updates!

Hobonichi Kaila Rainbowholic 1

Hobonichi Day 06/17

Hobonichi Kaila Rainbowholic 4

Hobonichi Day 06/20

Hobonichi Kaila Rainbowholic 2

Hobonichi Day 06/18 | Blog Report

Hobonichi Kaila Rainbowholic 3

Hobonichi Day 06/19

Hobonichi Kaila Rainbowholic 5

Hobonichi Day 06/21


If you have watched the videos already, what’s your favorite (if you have one)?  ^_^

Feedback would be so much appreciated! Will be adding more variety / crafty videos soon too! I super miss doing theeeese! :”) This happy feeling reminds me of my elementary days when I joined a “Hobbycraft” club & I really enjoyed playing with glitter & neon glue and DIY-ing everything!


I guess that would be all for now. Please stay tuned for more videos @ RAINBOWHOLIC.TV!

Have an amazing week ahead, folks!

<3, カイラ

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