Random Days with Food & Waiting for Sakura’s Full Bloom!

Trying my best to upload as regularly as I can.  :yay: Hope you guys notice my efforts! Hahaha  :kiss:

Wanted to buy everything in this rack but.. have to save money!

(note: walking out from a grocery / any store without buying something I really fancy will always be an achievement for me)

Meal from Sukiya! おいしかった!

Cutest pans everr! Oh hai Totoro, it’s you agaaaain!


Left: my favorite chocolate as of the moment

Right: Rainbowholic Blog Anniversary Giveaway teaser! <3

First time to see a coconut-flavored m&m’s!

Been helping my brother with moving out… this is one of my little achievements aside from carrying all his clothes and shoes TT_TT


Sakura, sakura! <3

I was so worried because two days ago, there was a crazy storm in Saitama (and Tokyo as well?)..

I was afraid that the storm might blow away every Sakura petal TT_TT So happy that the real Spring-like weather is back!

Can’t wait for the full blooooom!


Weeping sakura treee~ So beautttiful!

Hello beautiful white flowers! And spot the fluffy cloud!


Thank you nature for giving birth to sakura trees, hahaha~  :heart:



5 thoughts on “Random Days with Food & Waiting for Sakura’s Full Bloom!

  1. I don’t really do nail art (because I’m not good at painting my nails huhu) but those stickers are cute~ *___* But so expensive huhu </3

    SAKURA TREES!! ;___; Hanggang sa blog mo na lang ako makaka-experience ng sakura, ate. ;______; =))) Magpapauwi ako ng petals sa ate ko hehe ^____^

    Oh and, "moving out"? :O

  2. Oh oh and I love how you’re updating every now and then~ More blog posts for me to lurk around and comment…. Hehe~ :yay:

  3. i wonder what’s with that giveaway teaser. I was thinking if you’ll giveaway a real vending machine. *watebs! super excited! advance happy anniversary rainbowholic!!!


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