Dolls and Their Adventurous Hair

And I’ve tried it.

My experience? IT WAS FUN!!

View video tutorial here~

Tip: Before starting to color your hair, make sure the shirt you’re wearing is some old shirt : )

Available Freshlight Hair Color Washes

Awesome packaging with Blythe dolls as their models! How lovely!



Package includes:

(with full illustration of instructions)

I’m still not that good at Japanese but anyone can understand the manual by photos!

Actually, I have taken photos of the whole fun shampoo procedure but my photos are NOWHERE to be found, huhu! I’m planning to recolor my hair again next week for it.



Be Adventurous

I haven’t tried Freshlight’s other awesome product lines such as their Bleach and Hair Color but I’m willing to be adventurous and try some of these as well in the future. I am actually considering bleaching my hair and making it cottoncandy blue at some areas but courage is missing and has ran away.



Hard Bleach Effect:

Mega Bleach Effect:

Natural Bleach Effect:

Lovely shades ~ 


A freshlight product only costs at 2,400 YEN (1,200 PESOS/ 31.29 USD)!


PLUSSSSS Opening Sale Discount Coupon “RAINBOW” to get 5% OFF!


How more generous can I get? : )

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3 thoughts on “Dolls and Their Adventurous Hair

  1. omg! ang cute… para to ung prettia no? i wannna try these foam dyes talaga… mukang less hassle sa pag color ng hair… mag iipon ako para bumili haha :heart: :heart: :heart: melty cherry someday!

  2. OMG….SO CUTE!! I wanna buy this but,my school’s comin’ up and they have some policies and one of it is dying student’s hair :tsk: But I WILL CONVINCE MY DAD :yay: :ohnoes:

  3. These are so cute! Do they work over any hair color, or do you have to bleach your hair first? Also, about how long does the color last? I want to try one of the blondes so bad!


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