Rainbowholic by Rainbowholic

I think I’m about to cry….

I can finally announce to the world that-

MY ONLINE SHOP IS FINALLY OPEN! After countless of teasers~! :yay:


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Get 5% off on any item by entering code: RAINBOW



Unique miniature camera accessory…. YUP! My shop has it!


Most of my items have only ONE stock per design. You are the only person in the world who has it!


As modeled by Kumiko and my Harajuku mermaid lover <3

Petite Angel Wings Silver Necklace that would go with any simple outfit!


Gumballs and Ribbons

And more vintage / retro-inspired hair clips! Go and fly to my shop now!  :star:

My items are priced at Japanese Yen– which is twice of the Philippine Peso.

1 JPY = .50 Peso

1 JPY = 0.01 USD

YEN to USD Currency Converter for everyone  :heart:


Japanese Petite Silver Necklaces

But wait, Rainbowholic HAS MORE!


I’m also selling these popular mini silver necklaces here in Japan! Japanese women really love simple necklaces. I’d always see them wearing simple jewelry like these necklaces that I have.


These are made of authentic White Gold and are made-to-order! Only for Y5,800!

First customers will receive their orders wrapped in very special packaging– just like how the Japanese would do it.

This is my favorite mini necklace. It’s so Rainbowholic and Cardcaptor Sakura!

And we always have that cross necklace. Perfect for gifts!


And here are all the designs available!

Collect them all  :heart:








As worn:



Hoping you’d support my mini shop~  :kiss:

More items to add in the future such as:

Yellow Gold version of the petite necklaces


Made-to-order silver and gold necklaces and rings <3




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  1. awww! :yehey: :yay: congrats kaila! :kiss: i hope to see some chocolates on the shop! :cheer: i love the necklaces!! :love:


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